Thankful Thursday – Yoga with my dog

Me and my yoga buddy got some extra snuggles in between our movement! I just LOVE her.

Usually, I finish before she is up, but she sometimes catches the tail end of my workouts, and she’s all for a good stretch, and I am all for a good snuggle!

Every day I am GRATEFUL to have such a snuggle bug dog that loves and craves human contact – I can NEVER get enough!

Is your dog a snuggler?

Never Miss A Monday!

I try to practice what I preach to the best of my ability… and that’s why I showed up this morning and got it done.

Despite the massive headache.
Despite the fact my dog was sick last night and kinda up my butt this morning.
Despite the fact I actually didn’t wanna.

But you’ve seen me say never miss a Monday, and I knew I’d feel worse if I did skip today (and I didn’t make it to day 69/80 with no skips to skip NOW), so we got it done.

Does it make me a hero? Nope. But it makes me a better ME. And that’s the goal, to better myself every day.

Your obstacles are your opportunity to { RISE ABOVE }

Wellness Wednesday – Darin Olien on Shakeology

I get asked about Shakeology a lot; asked what’s in it, what isn’t… personally, I pay attention to this. What isn’t in Shakeology is sometimes just as important as what is!

What’s in Shakeology and why should you drink it?

Check out this awesome video which does a very good job of explaining what’s in Shakeology and why YOU should make it your daily dose of dense nutrition!

Have you ever tried Shakeology? If you would like to, let’s connect. There is a 30 day, empty bag, money back guarantee, so you won’t be out the money if you don’t find it as awesome as I do.

You never know what something can do for you until you give it an honest try!