Move It Monday – Single Leg Hamstring Curl

whewwwwww, the burn!

We got some new moves with the start of Phase 2 today, and this one had me sweating up a storm. It challenged me, so I see a lot of room for improvement here, but isn’t that the point?

We try new things, we improve upon them!


Wellness Wednesday – Darin Olien on Shakeology

I get asked about Shakeology a lot; asked what’s in it, what isn’t… personally, I pay attention to this. What isn’t in Shakeology is sometimes just as important as what is!

What’s in Shakeology and why should you drink it?

Check out this awesome video which does a very good job of explaining what’s in Shakeology and why YOU should make it your daily dose of dense nutrition!

Have you ever tried Shakeology? If you would like to, let’s connect. There is a 30 day, empty bag, money back guarantee, so you won’t be out the money if you don’t find it as awesome as I do.

You never know what something can do for you until you give it an honest try!

Mindset Monday – You Are Worth It

I absolutely LOVE Tapping with Brad Yates – he speaks clearly enough that even when the subtitles are a little off (story of my life!), I can still follow along. He is simple, honest, powerful and has tons of scripts – I have made it my morning practice and I have felt a shift ever since.

So, I thought I would share one of my favorites, because this has always been an issue of mine, to some degree – feeling worthy. No, I don’t find myself worthless or anything, but I have sometimes struggled with feeling worthy of all the good people, things, opportunities, and love that has come my way — I think we all struggle with moments of those feelings, right?

Check it out – Tapping really has worked wonders for me in combating a negative outlook/mindset!

Move It Monday – Scissor Pushups!

You guysssssssss! This program – specifically Dynamic Strength… whew! It’s a lot of pushups!

I gripe about it but I remember back when I couldn’t even DO a real pushup on my toes, so that tempers it a bit — feels good to see how far you have come!

This one really works your core, because of the scissor/twist motion. I feel it while I am doing it AND after I am done, haha.