Wellness Wednesday – Glycemic Index

Shakeology and its Low Glycemic status is actually the buzz that got me to try it, in a time where I was desperately trying to get my Diabetes under control.

Can you guess which Shakeology flavor scores the lowest? FYI, an apple rates a 39 on the Glycemic Index! This is a really great read.


Slow Cooker Saturday – Beef Stew with Orzo

Oh man, I love my slow cooker. Yes, I am ever so slightly leery about leaving something plugged into my house while I am not there, but I try to get over it, because slow cookers absolutely ROCK, and every meal is always tender and flavorful!


I actually love Orzo… my mom got me hooked on it! Does this sound like a hearty meal you would try?

Do you have a favorite crockpot recipe you could share? I am ALWAYS looking to add new ones to my collection!

Workout Wednesday – Coming Soon: Core de Force!

One of the best parts of Summit was the announcement of a new upcoming program with Beachbody’s newest SuperTrainer, Jericho McMatthews. She was previously associated with Les Mills, but now she’s with Beachbody, and I could not be more excited about it!

I got a chance to workout live with her both at Summit, and at the recent Super Saturday in Boston – she has a REALLY amazing energy, upbeat attitude, an engaging nature, and a killer sense of humor. To say nothing of how strong and in shape she is!

I am excited for her new workout with Joel Freeman to come out this November. Core de Force is a fabulously high energy, core-defining workout that requires NO equipment – great for taking it on the go with Beachbody On Demand!

To be the first to know when it’s released to the general public, and to enter a contest to win a FREE Core de Force kit, enter your email here! At that link, there is also a neat video showing a little more of what to expect, and man does it look awesome!

Oh man, seriously, I am SO excited about this one! Les Mills Combat was one of my favorite workouts, what I called my soulmate workout, and I was beyond bummed when they severed their connection to Beachbody. Happy to have Core de Force to give me my fix, I LOVE MMA workouts 🙂

Does this sound like something you would enjoy? I am opening up a Test Group once it’s released, and I would love to have you join me! Leave your email in the comments if you would like an invitation!

Workout Wednesday – Country Heat is Coming Soon!

Do you like dancing? More specifically, do you like line dancing? You a country music fan? Many of my friends are… it’s not 100% my thing, but I enjoy some of it, and I really do just love moving my body, haha. But even I am totally looking forward to the launch of this one!

The creator of the super popular (and super effective!) 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, and half of the Hammer & Chisel duo, Autumn Calabrese, has come out with a new workout program called Country Heat, and it looks to be super fun and fat-burning!

Does this sound like something you would be into? You can sign-up here to receive notice of when it’s available – right now we only know July 2016. This also shows you some sneak peeks!

Looks so fun -I will definitely be starting this program after I get back from Beachbody Coach Summit!


As always, if you would like to connect and receive help with your health and fitness goals – let’s connect!

Superbowl Snacks – Diabetic-Friendly!

Any Super Bowl fans here? My team is out (wah wah waaaaah), but I still love the game – if only because appetizers and finger foods happen to be my favorite, and a Super Bowl party always has plenty of these! But I work hard to eat cleaner, and workout regularly, plus I have my Diabetes to keep in mind, so I try to make some more sensible options so as not to completely undo all of these efforts!

Here are some of my favorites – courtesy of Diabetic Gourmet Magazine!

Chile Con Queso

Beef and Bleu Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

Creamy Spinach Dip

Spicy Artichoke Dip


Swedish Meat Balls

Do you have any favorites for game day? Is your team in the game? Who would you rather see win – Carolina, or Denver?

Tip Tuesday – Staying Healthy When You Sit At A Desk All Day

So, I am one who works at a desk all day. I frequently get up, go to the bathroom, refill my water, walk just for the sake of stretching, etc. Standing all day would be bad news for my slightly weak back (it used to be very weak but regular exercise has strengthened my core considerably, which has helped my chronic back pain), so rather than going for a standing desk, I just make sure I get up very frequently, stretch, move around and whatnot.

One of my favorite websites, MindBodyGreen, has this helpful article for those of us who work at a desk all day and might need some tips on staying healthy in spite of our desk jobs.

Great tips found here – do you have any other tips to add? Do you work a desk job?