Motivation Monday – Just Keep Swinging

No matter what you are facing.

No matter how hard it may be.

No matter the obstacles.

No matter the doubters.

No matter how impossible it may seem.

Just keep swinging – you will get there. You will rise above. You will achieve what you set out to achieve.

And you’ll be better for it.



I {bend} so I don’t {break}

Let’s be slightly melodramatic for a second, yeah? 😉

This shirt is one of the truthiest ones I own, because while this one might seem a little more geared towards yoga, fitness/wellness in general are what have kept me from breaking/breaking down, especially as I battled some rough seas the last few months – having a goal, an accountability group, the capability to get up and go to it, for my body… for my soul… for my mind… that saved me.

That saved me from spiraling too deep into what I was working through.

I can’t control a lot of things (if only I WAS the master puppeteer!)…

But I can control showing up every day.
I can control pressing play.
I can control increasing my weights.
I can control LETTING myself feel the movement, allowing it to stretch and strengthen me, and I can control allowing myself to feel like a badass after (because that’s what a powerful workout does for you!)

I know not everyone sees it this way, but for me, fitness heals. It gives me a safe, productive outlet with which to do what I gotta do to get through what I gotta get through.

I bend, I lift, I move and I stretch {{so I don’t break}}

Could YOU use some support and accountability? I got you! Let’s do it – I LIVE to help others!

Fuck Yeah Friday


I am not trying to shame anybody here… but it boils down to if you constantly eat crap, you will constantly feel like crap. You need to actually fuel your body like you give a shit!

I think I have established that I am a HUGE believer in balance, not deprivation or labeling food “bad” – a treat here and there is actually helpful because a lack/deprivation mindset usually leads to a foodie free for all (and those are actually frowned upon) – the key there is ‘a’ treat such as a cupcake, a brownie… not a dozen or a whole pan.

Portion control and balance are key!


Thursday Thoughts – Strength

I feel completely comfortable calling this the true measure of strength.

And I mean, physical challenges are definitely just that, physically challenging… but I think the realest, hardest, grittiest and character building moments come in overcoming our mental, spiritual and emotional adversaries. From rising above what we thought we couldn’t – from rising above our lack mindset and creating an abundant one.

Just my .02 – what say you?

Way Back Wednesday – From Chaos Comes Clarity

7 years ago, myself and 100+ colleagues were laid off suddenly via All Hands email, without being paid for the last 2 weeks of work and any accrued vacation time.

I was stunned, and SCARED! I had just been diagnosed as a Diabetic less than a year before, and the prospect of being without insurance was terrifying!

Thankfully, I did get a new full time job soon after. But inside of me, something clicked. I resolved to NEVER let myself be that financially vulnerable again. I PROMISED myself that I would find a way to be financially healthy and not at the mercy of another person or company.

So when a GREAT opportunity came my way a few years ago, I decided to take it! This opportunity went by the name of Beachbody.

The supplemental income that has come from working a few hours a week from home as a part time coach has given me new confidence as well as a healthier financial future. Just by taking care of my health and sharing my journey with others, I have been able to save money, save for amazing vacations with my husband, comfortably buy a house, pay off some debt…

All of these are great… but PEACE OF MIND is the most valuable one!  I know that I have the ability to continue to earn, and save, and prepare for rainy days. I’m in charge and I can create the future I choose.

7 years ago, there was a lot of chaos surrounding my life. But from chaos, comes clarity. I am no longer at the mercy of anyone else, and that’s powerful! 

Have you ever felt like you were at the mercy of someone else?

Transformation Tuesday – Phase 1

It’s Tuesday, so let’s talk about a transformation, shall we?

I know my transformations are never drastic, but I like to celebrate them anyways, to help encourage others to celebrate all of their own hard work!

These are my Phase 1 results from my current program – a program that came out and I started at a VERY necessary time in my life. I had a rough end of 2017; my soul was genuinely hurting and everything felt like it was spiraling out of control, so to dive into a challenging but effective program, for me, was just what I needed!

I am feeling good, the fog is lifting, my mindset is coming back out of it’s negative spiral, and though I may be a little sore, I am loving what this program is doing for my body AND my soul.

Here’s to Phase 2 and kickin’ even more ass!

(ps, we have another group starting soon if YOU would like to transform YOUR life/body!)