Adventures in Pregnancy – 4 Months!

Holy bananas – I’ve passed the 4 months/16 weeks mark, which is CRAZY – that means I’m almost halfway there!

On the one hand I feel like it’s FLYING by, on the other I’m SO ready to meet this little baby that I’m like c’mon, how am I only halfway there?! So weird how something can go so quickly YET so slowly at the same time!

But there’s still so much to do, so you keep growing, little baby, and we will keep preparing for your arrival! 😍

Did you feel like your pregnancy went by super quickly or agonizingly slowly?


Tasty Thursday – Taco Salad

I don’t always make taco salad for dinner, but when I do, I really do! 😍

Do you like taco salad? I love it… we have it more in the summer, but we were in the mood, so why not?

I haven’t had too many cravings with this pregnancy, so when I do get them, I indulge, because the rest of my stuff is so balanced, it won’t hurt me.

It was delish!

Make It Happen Monday – MonSLAY

Uhhh, if we’re being honest, so far I’m not slayin’ nothing today…

I overslept after FINALLY falling back to sleep after a lovely night of nightmares, night terrors and anxiety, and my workout was nothing to write home about (though I’ll give myself credit for actually getting out of bed and moving!)

I’ll be honest, it hasn’t set up a very positive frame of mind to start off this Monday. And I’m tiiiiiired… mama needs the sleep while she can get it, you know?!

The good news is the day is young and there are still MANY hours with which to slay, so let’s give it the old college try, shall we? 😉

Adventures in Pregnancy – Outgrowing my clothing!

Today I packed up a couple of utility bags with work dress pants, workout bottoms, sports bras, and workout tank tops that are no longer comfortable to wear right now with my growing, changing body.

And this might get some eye rolls, but this is all so uncharted for me – I have basically stayed the same size for most of my teen/adult life and I was still able to fit into clothing I wore in high school (which was half my life ago…), so not fitting into stuff is a weird feeling for me. It isn’t a BAD feeling, it’s just a NEW feeling…

But this is absolutely THE BEST reason not to fit into my clothing, and so I am choosing to further EMBRACE and APPRECIATE this miracle, because it IS a miracle, and I AM grateful to be able to experience this.

And while I don’t expect my body to be exactly the same in the time after the baby, I do know that my habits and my lifestyle will afford me to get back to where I was, or close to where I was, and so I will happily pack these items away and make room for some maternity stuff now, and I will cross any other clothing bridges when I come to them.

Did you fit back into your pre-pregnancy clothing?


Good Eats – Craving Brussels Sprouts

Some days, I have no idea what I want for dinner.
Other days, I only know what protein I want.
And others, I only know what veg I’m craving (the recurring craving theme in my pregnancy so far has been vegetables, much like most of my life!)

Today I was craving Brussels sprouts, and grass fed beef was on sale, so that became our delicious dinner plan! Topped with Rhode Island mushrooms 😍

Did you have any pregnancy cravings?

Adventures in Pregnancy – 15 weeks!

I had some requests, so here is a 15 week “bumpie” – I haven’t documented my bump much because, at least to me, it doesn’t yet resemble a pregnancy, it still just looks like I needed to decline a third round at the buffet table 🤣

But from what I hear, it will start to pop within a month or so, and I’ll enjoy looking back on my transformation, so here we are!

(And yes, I have lived in leggings this whole pregnancy so far!)

Thursday Thoughts – Health Issues Don’t Discriminate

Did you know that health issues don’t discriminate?

Like most other girls in the 30-40 year old range, I too thought Dylan was dreamy! I’m sad Luke lost his life at age 52…

But I see a lot of people commenting on his age and how he’s ‘too young’ to have died from a stroke/complications from a stroke, and while I understand the sentiment, again, health issues DO NOT discriminate.

They affect young and old, black and white, gay and straight, all religions, all political backgrounds, from all parts of the world, all professions, all income brackets… so on and so forth.

Health issues simply don’t discriminate.

And sometimes there is truly no rhyme or reason as to why we suffer health issues.

I know people who don’t really move their bodies, don’t really eat anything of nutritious value, fill their bodies with substances and alcohol, and yet have the paperwork to prove they are “healthy” across the board.

Similarly, I know people who do the majority of things right, and still can’t get into a health groove.

But all this is just one of many reasons why I work out. Why I try to make the majority of the food I eat nourishing and nutritious. Why I get acupuncture to help me heal and deal with stress. Why I drink water like tomorrow it could be outlawed.

Why I do EVERYTHING I do, and WHY I invite others to JOIN ME in making small changes that could make a BIG difference in their life.

It doesn’t mean we won’t face health issues, unfortunately. I mean, if only there was a guarantee, I’m pretty sure that’d propel a LOT of people into action, am I right?!

But there is something to be said for taking PROACTIVE measures. There is something to be said for LOVING yourself enough to want better for yourself. To care enough NOW.

How many of us would get our asses in gear NOW if we had a crystal ball that would predict health issues in our FUTURE?

In a perfect world, doing the majority of things right would set you up for a long life with no health issues or complications. But the world isn’t perfect and neither are we.

But every bit helps, so let us not strive for PERFECTION but rather, strive to empower ourselves to be BETTER than we were yesterday; to shine BRIGHTER than we ever have.

And if you need help and support in doing that? I got you. Truly, we are all in this together 💕


Wellness Wednesday – Know when to be gentle!

This mornings mood boost provided by a new flavor of iced coffee – pistachio! 😍

Normally my mood boosts come in the form of endorphins from a workout… but today I couldn’t even muster the energy to get out of bed. I’m dealing with some intense emotions and I just wanted to sleep (or try…), and even though working out usually helps my mood, today I chose to be gentle and focus on resting.

Wellness includes knowing when not to push – knowing when to be gentle with yourself. Took me waaaay too long to grasp that, but I’m better for it!