Worth It Wednesday – 24 Hours

What if I told you we all get the same 24 hours in a day?

Because we do. We disperse them differently, but we all get the same.

So instead of saying you don’t have TIME, be honest and admit it’s not a priority, because if it was, you’d make it work with the time you have.

I don’t love being up at 3:45am to workout, and I need sleep like anyone else… but that’s why I get to bed at a decent hour.

I like binging shows on Netflix as much as anyone else, but watching TV til midnight does nothing for my health.

I am worthy. You are worthy.

Make it a priority.

Worth It Wednesday – Make The Shift


I don’t know exactly where, but… somewhere along the line, I definitely made the shift. I figured out I am WORTH all this effort – the reading of personal development, the workouts, the nutrition, the food prep, the growth, the positivity, all of it. All of the various efforts. I am WORTH IT.

And it was when I made the shift to REALIZING I am worth it, that it became less of a chore, and more of something I am GRATEFUL to be able to do for myself.

The shift comes when you decide you are worth it.