Truthbomb Tuesday – Secret Sauce

“What’s the secret sauce?!”

The secret sauce is getting off your ass and working towards what you want; step by step, consistently, through the hard times and the easier times.

That’s it, that’s the secret and the sauce. WORK FOR IT!


A little later than usual, but…

A little later than usual (by like, 8 hours haha), but first workout of 2019 is in the books!

For me, today is like the ultimate Monday – can’t skip the first day of the year, because what kinda tone does that set?

Not judging anyone who doesn’t workout today, but for me personally, it was important to set the right tone and get it done!

Happy new year!

Love is…

Love is when your husband gets up at an ungodly hour to turn the electric fireplace on so the room you workout in will be a little warmer for when you begin 😍 (we still have no heat and we don’t leave the electric fireplace on while we sleep!)

Look, far be it from me to take away any meaning from the huge, grandiose gestures… but for me personally, it’s those small but SUPER meaningful things that matter MOST and remind me exactly why he’s my person 💕




Movement Monday – Humbled.

I’m not good with being humbled.

When I know my capabilities, but fall VERY short of them due to being winded so easily due to a developing illness, it’s frustrating.

The good news is I have grown and I’m willing to see a doc to find out if it’s the beginning of a bad cold or upper respiratory infection, or something. The old me would just ignore it and hope it goes away, be frustrated when it doesn’t AND likely miss a bunch of fun stuff because I wasn’t proactive.

With so much happening in the next few weeks including travel, I ain’t got time to hope it goes away!

And yes, basically, I only ever get sick in December 😝