Transformation Tuesday – Be the duck!

A slightly different transformation Tuesday…

This comment found its way into my inbox: “we get it, you wear yoga pants and copy n paste motivational quotes” and if I can be 100% transparent, a year or two ago this message would have CRUSHED me; I would have gone on the defensive, I would have considered the opinion of this ONE person so important that I might have actually quit; packed up shop, and stopped posting any health or wellness stuff. I would have been hurt, humiliated, and sent into the depths of self-sabotage.

Now? In all honesty, while it’s NEVER fun to get such messages, I didn’t even grace it with a response. I let my posts speak for themselves… OBVIOUSLY, I’m fully in the game and not just wearing the fitness stuff, or copy pasting the quotes, so I’m gonna save my energy for those worthy of it, not some hateful troll with too much time on their hands.

Growth is radical! Be the duck, let the words and actions that don’t LIFT you UP, ROLL off your back.

Self Love Saturday – Most Powerful Words In The Universe

Do you speak kindly to yourself? Do you uplift, inspire, empower and encourage yourself with the words you use?

Some people — myself included — are so very quick to offer kind words to others, but when it comes to speaking to OURSELVES, we don’t get the same kind consideration.

Why is that? I have been working on this, and it is a battle, honestly. But I know I am worthy of kind words. I know the words I say to myself are the most powerful ones of all.

Are you using your words wisely?

SELF. LOVE. SATURDAY. Speak kindly to yourself!

Wednesday Wisdom – The Words You Use…

Much like mindset (in fact, closely related TO mindset!), the words you use carry great weight. My mentors made me acutely aware of this, and once I started being cognizant of the words I did and did not use, I noticed a shift.

Framing, and phrasing things properly really can make a difference. It’s why we are encouraged to use present tense when parsing our dreams… not “I will be….” but a little more “I AM…”

The language you use matters immensely. Always word things in a positive, uplifting manner!