Water Wednesday

Our bodies are largely composed of water, and winter is especially prime time to be replenishing that water, because the dry winter air (and our heating sources!) can lead to winter dehydration, and since we aren’t sweating, we often don’t notice we feel dehydrated!

It’s just as important, if not more important, to stay hydrated in the winter, for a multitude of reasons.

I’m pretty good with getting my water in, but I do love that every Wednesday in my challenge group, we make it a focus to hydrate and award points for doing so – I love that so many of our challengers say it helps hold them accountable to hydrate!

Do you drink enough water? Do you know how much is recommended?

Tasty Tuesday – Creamy Parm Tortellini Soup

If you are looking for a warming, filling and super delicious dish to get through these bitterly cold days, this one was PERFECT! 😍

Warmed me up after being chilled to the bones for weeks!

Creamy Parm Tortellini Soup

Of note: we added chicken to get protein in. I also suggested next time we could try it with small meatballs like in Italian Wedding Soup, because I bet it’d be delicious!

And we seasoned to our taste, because recipes always go light on the seasoning and we LOVE seasoning!

So good!

Slow Cooker Saturday – Crockpot Honey Pork and Apples

Ahhh, the slow cooker. A New England staple! I love it because it means my husband get’s a break from cooking all night (though he does love cooking — I am blessed!), plus everything is always cooked to perfection!

With snowy weather, it’s a bonus – dinner can cook while you are sledding, shoveling, or just enjoying the peaceful tranquility that comes with snowfall (I LOVE the peacefulness!)

I love a nice pork loin, and I LOVE apples, so this pairing gets a huge thumbs up from me! YUM!



Monday Motivation – Winter

LOVE this! I’m not complaining, just being 100% real when I say this winter has been brutal – it’s been simply unrelenting. This concept has gotten me through many a frigid winter day!Invincible summer

Warmer weather is, thankfully, on the horizon… and I can take some pride in knowing I stuck to my workout routine (in addition to the substantial amount of time I spent helping to shovel…), and didn’t fall off track, despite how motivation-sapping the short, dark, cold and wintry days have been. Summer is a state of mind 🙂

Feel Good Friday – Chicken Noodle Soup

If you aren’t from the Northeast region of the United States, you may not be able to relate to the crazy, unrelenting weather we have been having. I’m not complaining, per se, because I know it is a part of the weather where I choose to live. However, snowstorm after snowstorm, terrible driving conditions, shoveling day after day, and days where the sun doesn’t even show it’s face for a minute sometimes wears your psyche down. I confess, I have fallen victim to this lately. It’s piggybacking on top of other challenging situations in life, so they have basically combined forces to sap my happiness, my energy, and my willpower.

The culmination of that came this week when I was feeling under the weather on top of everything else, and I just felt beat down; I felt broken. I like to think I typically handle what life throws at me with grace and dignity, but even I have my limits. So when I felt sick, I wanted a familiar comfort, and it was perfect for the weather. Enter the classic favorite – Chicken Noodle Soup! I couldn’t find my copy of my mama’s recipe, so I went with a different one designed for the crockpot (because like I’ve said, New England winters + crockpots = best combination ever!)

Never fails! Instant dose of happiness.
Never fails! Instant dose of happiness.

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