Thursday Thoughts – Play Your Hand

I didn’t choose to be a Diabetic, but I am.

I didn’t choose to lose most of my hearing, but I did.

I could sit here and rattle off a whole laundry list of “I didn’t choose…” statements.

Some things in life just happen for no rhyme or reason. You take the hand you are dealt, and you play it to the BEST of your ability.

That’s truly winning the game. Getting the best cards isn’t winning the game, because it never challenges you to grow, to rise above, to turn your obstacles into your opportunities.

Trust me when I tell you, it feels GOOD to earn it, to work for it, to rise above and make it happen.

What will YOU rise above?

Success Tip Saturday – Get In The Game

Point blank: you can’t win if you aren’t even in the game! It may seem a bit harsh but it’s true. If the fear of failure is what’s holding you back, the sooner you realize that failure is what leads to success, the better.

No, failing isn’t fun, but the road to success isn’t always fun. You will not achieve success without failing a few times! You are worthy of success and so you can rise above failure. Can’t you?

Let your failures fuel you — they are powerful motivators in that if you are failing, it at least means you are trying; you are in the game. And unless you are in the game, you can’t win!

cant succeed if you arent in the game