Motivation Monday – Winners vs Losers

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So which are you? Are you a loser; a quitter? Or are you a winner?
It’s a funny thing about failure – its awful, but necessary! If you go and ask any success story out there, anyone at all…. they would tell you that without failure, they wouldn’t be a success!

Failure is like a litmus test for how bad you want something – if you try and fail and you can stomach that without feeling like you should at least try again… you don’t want it as badly as you think you do.

It’s when you are willing to fail over and over and over again until the day you DON’T fail… that’s your indication you really want it. It’s your proof you are/were willing to do whatever it takes. Your (eventual) success is your reward for your perseverance.

So let me ask you AGAIN… are you a loser? Or a winner?