Fuck Yeah Friday – More Rewards!

I posted a week ago about my reward to myself for successfully completing Phase 1 of 80 Day Obsession… and then these showed up on sale on Amazon, so I mean, I basically had to!

But really, rather than buy 17 more sets of weights, I liked the idea of being able to go heavier on some moves without adding a gazillion more pieces of equipment, so these seemed like a great investment, and several of my teammates spoke very highly of them, so I am excited to give them a whirl!

I am proud of myself for desiring tangible rewards I can enjoy time and time again as opposed to something I would enjoy for a minute or two… and let’s be honest here, these babies make me feel like WAY MORE of a BADASS than a cupcake would!

You and me, Bowflex… we gonna do BIG THINGS! 😍

Work For It Wednesdaaaaaay

When your reward to yourself for successfully finishing phase 1 is not brownies, cupcakes, or ice cream, but rather, new leggings, a new sports bra, a 15lb Kettlebell, and heavier weights so you can kick even MORE ass, you might be OBSESSED 😉

I’m not knocking those who choose/chose an edible reward, this is just how I personally prefer to reward my hard work and dedication to myself!

Wanna join me on my 80 Day Obsession journey? Let’s do it! Start here!