Wednesday Wisdom – Listen To Your Body!

When your tiny but mighty legs send you a message, you listen! Or at least I do… now!

(I didn’t always…)

My little legs are feelin’ it all today – the program I’m doing, the much more frequent runs, and just life in general can be taxing on our bodies, you know?

And so while I normally run on scheduled rest days to incur some mileage for the 175 mile Summer Challenge, my body needed the break today, and I’ll honor that.

In my group, we talk a lot about sustainability, which means striking the balance between pushing ourselves but also listening and making smart decisions, and I’m proud to have come so far in my journey that I can honor and appreciate •listening•

Do you listen to your body, or do you tend to keep pushing?

Wednesday Wisdom – Pause

I need more pauses in my life, honestly.

They are incredibly hard for me. I don’t do well with pausing, I just go, go, go. A great trait to have, but can also be quite draining.

I intend to pause a lot more in 2018 – how about you?

By ‘stop’, I mean for the moment, not permanently. You’ll never get me to stop permanently – my mama didn’t raise me that way!

Adapt or be annihilated!

Adapt. Or be annihilated.

That’s just the way it is – if you can’t learn to adapt, and roll with the punches, you are gonna find yourself frustrated more often than not. (trust me when I tell you I have learned this, painstakingly!)

I overslept by a LOT today, and left absolutely no time for my normal morning workout. Wahhhhh, right? Yes, but it’s okay because I can just swap my normal rest day for today, and we’re even stevens!

But I still chose to fuel myself properly today with my breakfast. The workout was a loss, but that’s no reason to throw the towel in on the day. I can still show up for my wellness in other ways, and I will!