Wellness Wednesday – Prepare Your Food

Still feeling a little under the weather (but much better) and this morning I just wanted fruit salad.

Did I want to take the time to wash and cut my fruits? Nope.

But because I had already done that Sunday during normal food prep, I didn’t need to – it was all ready for me! 😊

Feel Good Friday – Say No to Say Yes

Who doesn’t want to feel good? It’s easy to feel pulled in so many directions with the holidays, in addition to all the other happenings in life. One way to keep it in check is to learn to say NO!

You do not have to attend every party, every gathering, every gift exchange, every cookie swap, and everything else. Your time is not infinite. By saying no to something that doesn’t serve you, or that you don’t enjoy, you are able to say YES to something you DO enjoy!

And since the goal in life is to do more things you enjoy, this gets you closer to that.

Do things you enjoy; things that make you feel good!