Sunday Runday!

Sundaaaaay Rundaaaay!

So this morning was my first run/5k since November, and post-80 Day Obsession/Ultimate Reset.

All my runner friends who did 80DO said the program helped their endurance/stamina and so I was hopeful but also skeptical (I’ve gotten my hopes up ENOUGH this week only to have ‘em dashed down, haha)

Well, here we are… having shaved 1:19 off my average pace, I’d say 80 Day Obsession helped MY endurance too!

And FUCK YEAH I’m stoked about THESE numbers! My first 5k I averaged over 11 minutes! (And today’s run was with a sore arch from the yellow jacket sting, too!)

Cheers to always improving!

Thursday Thoughts – Defeating Feelings

That awful, all encompassing feeling of DEFEAT…

And bear with me here… y’all know that’s not my default setting, but in all honesty, today has been one of THE most defeating days I’ve had in the 8+ years I’ve been riding this roller coaster called Diabetes.

And I know – I totally know – that things aren’t just about a number, but the one I got today hit me in all the raw, vulnerable spots, and I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t say honestly that my A1c bloodwork today hurt my heart and took a little wind out of my sails. Actually, all the wind out of my sails.

My last bloodwork the end of 2017 had me at 7.5 and I knew some of that was as a result of the emotional trauma associated with things that were happening at that time in my life, because we all know stress management plays a HUGE role in Diabetes, but today…

Today, after 7 months of hard work healing and being gentle with myself, after months of workouts and mostly sensible eating, and after 3 strong weeks of a full body cleanse, I expected all of those efforts would help normalize my numbers.

In my head, I knew all of these efforts are fantastic and were helping my numbers go down, it was just a matter of how much they’d go down… right?

So when today’s numbers not only weren’t down, but were UP, I lost it. I fought like hell to keep the tears from coming, but they flew down my cheeks as I sat begging my doctor to tell me what else I could possibly DO. And then I sobbed post appointment as I sat in my car trying to gather my composure. And I’ve cried on and off all day.

And while I’m NOT defeated, I do feel that way at this current moment.

And so I’m allowing myself my pity party today and tomorrow I’ll get back to fighting the good fight, but man, I want answers and to feel like my efforts are MATTERING, because for them to have seemingly NO bearing on my health is truly painful.

So to start, I’m armed with some new hardware for two weeks that should hopefully (you’ll understand if I’m too scared to get my hopes up, right?) provide us with some answers and give me a course of action.

I’m fit; I workout. I don’t eat perfectly, but we are sensible and strike a great balance. I chug water like it’s my job, I Tap and receive acupuncture to manage my stress and emotions, I rarely drink, and I still take meds, so in all honesty yes, I am frustrated.

I feel defeated; discouraged. It won’t cause me to give up on myself, but I would love some answers as to why my numbers reflect that of someone making NO effort.

Positive vibes welcomed

Transformation Tuesday – 21 Day Ultimate Reset

}} 4.25 {{

Nope, it’s not a date. It doesn’t need a dollar sign. And it’s not a score.

It represents what I LOST in toxic/gunk-filled inches, during my 21 day experience known as the Ultimate Reset!

And 4.25 might not seem like a lot but, I will tell you something, ridding your body of that much toxicity really does something to ya! It’s hard to put into words but I just feel so fresh, so cleaned out and light.

It literally feels like someone hit the Reset button and eliminated years and years of bad habits, chemicals (I wasn’t always as food-wise as I might be now!), and tons of other stuff that was bogging me down!

If this doesn’t lend credence to the notion it’s all about what you do/don’t eat, I don’t know what will. Other than yoga 3 times a week, I didn’t work out the whole 3 weeks, so these results are ALL nutrition-based!

Now, I just wish there was a way to measure what it did for me MENTALLY, because wow, did that ever help!

I feel lean and clean – if you wanna feel that way too, let’s chat!

Progress Report – Ultimate Reset

Today is day 4 on my 21 day cleanse, the Ultimate Reset, and I am feeling pretty good. I have been getting fantastic sleep (and NOT waking up at 4 am to workout is an added bonus) and even when I do wake up to go to the bathroom at night (inevitable with the amount of water I drink!), I am still able to fall back to sleep (that is not always the case during normal routines).

I have been well fed, as the Reset provides you with a LOT of food, and I have been trying NEW foods as the recipes call for them, and it’s fun to try new things and add to your arsenal of recipes, am I right?

I haven’t had coffee in 4 days now, and while I was a little nervous about that aspect (and the lack of cheese!), so far so good. My normal default is to get a headache if I don’t have some coffee in my system by about 10am, so this is a pleasant surprise.

I already feel less bloated, which given the time of month I am doing this during, I would say that is a huge victory!

I resisted this program for so long (4 years to be precise) because I kept focusing on all I wouldn’t be able to have, but I think it’s when you make the shift from focusing on the negative, to focusing on the positive that you set yourself up to be successful. I am far from done, as I am on day 4/21, but I feel confident I can do this, and I no longer see it as depriving me from my beloved cheese and coffee. It’s cleansing me out and adding vitality and vibrancy to my life, and I am so glad I made the decision to commit!

I think the secret truly is one day at a time (except when it comes to food prep for this – that’s more like 3 days at a time 😉)

Soul Care Sunday – Prepping Together

I would be absolutely remiss if I didn’t show my gratitude and appreciation for this guy right here, for just being him and being amazing every day, but also today he spent hours helping me food prep for my next adventure that begins tomorrow – the Ultimate Reset!

Some people have spouses they need to beg to help them, I have one that steps in voluntarily to help me, to support me (and let’s be honest – to check me and keep me from being completely overwhelmed!) and I am SUPER lucky to have that and I know it! Thank you babe – love you!

I am prepped, packed, and ready to take on the Challenge – yes, I am a little nervous (but that’s normal!) but I am EXCITED and empowered, because I KNOW this is what my internal system NEEDS!

Does your spouse help with meal prep?

Self Love Saturday – Kara Does The Ultimate Reset!

Spent my Friday night finalizing my shopping list for my next adventure starting Monday – the Ultimate Reset!

Real talk here: I’ve avoided doing this for 4 ( four! ) years because it TERRIFIED me. I knew all the benefits and how wonderful people felt, but all I managed to focus on was that I was gonna have to give up cheese (no seriously, that’s one of the hardest parts for me!) instead of embracing what it could do for me and how it could help me – mind, body AND soul.

So it’s time! It will be a challenge but when have we ever seen me back down from those?!

My body needs this.
My body deserves this.

I’m ready to conquer something that’s held me back for YEARS, I hope you’ll tune into my journey!