Motivation Monday – Every Accomplishment

It’s Monday! Let’s see what we can conjure up for motivation, shall we?

You are powerful. You are limitless. You can do anything you desire — no matter how far-fetched it may seem — at any time.

But until you try, you will get nowhere. Decide to try, fully commit to it, decide that you won’t quit but rather, fail forward until you achieve it, and guess what will be waiting at the end?


Go ahead, get started. You can do it!


Mindset Monday – Better an oops…

First Monday of the new year! Let’s talk M I N D S E T.

I stand by this opinion with every fiber of my being. I get it, taking risks, being vulnerable, failing… all of them are scary. No one WANTS such things to happen… but that is life. An oops means you at least tried, you know one way or another. How can failing forward possibly be worse than never trying at all?


Wednesday Wisdom – Take Risks

Are you a risk taker?

Take risks - happy or wise.

I get it – taking risks can be scary. But I ¬†feel like, no matter which way the coin drops – you get something positive out of it. You either succeed, or you fail, and you learn that a particular way doesn’t work, and you develop the resolve to try again.

It’s a win/win, for me. How about you?