Truthbomb Tuesday – Traveling

Mmm, yeah, this about sums it up! Part of why I am working so hard to grow my business and give myself financial freedom is so we can travel more – I envision traveling all over with my children, like I did with my parents!

So traveling may not always be free (though with my Coach business, the potential is there to earn free travel!), but by working hard and growing my income, it IS more affordable and much more possible (and, I am assuming, a lot more fun when you aren’t needing to put it on credit cards!)

Did you travel a lot as a child? Do you travel more as an adult?

Truthbomb Tuesday – Avoiding

In an ideal world, we would only have to deal with joy, and no pain. But the pain serves a purpose, and we can’t shut it out or avoid it.

The good news? The pain doesn’t last. Let yourself feel it, and then let yourself move on, by letting it go.

Don’t avoid joy by avoiding pain.

Truthbomb Tuesday – Uninspired

Time for a truthbomb!

One of the biggest excuses people give is “I’m too tired”, and I get it. Life is exhausting; I feel you there!

But I don’t think it’s a matter of being TIRED… I think it is more a case of being UNINSPIRED. When you truly want something, it fuels that fire inside of you – you feel jazzed to get to work on it, you draw energy and inspiration from taking action.

Don’t work 8 hours at a job and then go home and NOT work on your OWN goals… if you truly want to achieve these things, you will take at least one step every day towards them, no matter how big or small said steps are.



Truthbomb Tuesday – Hashtagging Diabetes is RUDE.

Time for a TRUTHBOMB!

I have to say it. I see this happen on too regular a basis, and while I am sure the intention is just to be funny, there is nothing funny about doing this, or Diabetes. Sorry, but I am NOT sorry. Those who find this funny probably wouldn’t if they had to fight this battle every day.

I get it, when we aren’t affected by something, it seems like funny fodder –  but this kind of stuff stings. This kind of stuff gives credibility to the very NOT CREDIBLE notion that Diabetes is the result of too many sweets.

You wouldn’t appreciate someone being snarky about a medical condition you had, would you?

Truthbomb Tuesday – True Beauty is Internal

The most beautiful people are the ones who have KNOWN defeat, KNOWN struggle, KNOWN suffering, or loss… and have found their way out.

They have empathy, appreciation, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, humility, and a deep, loving concern.
Beautiful people don’t just HAPPEN. And beauty isn’t shown from the outside.
True beauty is internal.

Truthbomb Tuesday – Negativity

Can I get an eff yeah?!

I will own that I used to be the WORST offender of this – I cringe to thing of how negative I was. I’m still grateful to my mentors for calling me on it and TELLING, not suggesting, I work on this extensively. Best thing I could have done.

Which is why now, other peoples negativity really stands out more, I feel it and I feel the effects of it so much clearer. It was really draining me, which is why I have gotten better with distancing myself from negativity, allowing myself that space, without guilt.

Sometimes thats just what you need. It recharges you. It helps you remember what really matters, what to focus your energy on.

I have too many awesome things to do to let energy vampires steal it all!