Truthbomb Tuesday – We Can Spread Love

Umm… what is this “if” nonsense?!
We CAN… so we SHOULD.

Imagine if more of us focused on spreading love, positivity, encouragement and tolerance?

Just imagine a world where hate and negativity didn’t exist, or at the very least, were the exception, not the rule… just I M A G I N E.

Go do your part – spread GOOD!

Truthbomb Tuesday – Be The Person…

I mean, I feel like some people’s pets might be a little disappointed! 😉

Be kind.
Be compassionate.
Be empathetic, understanding, forgiving.

The truth? We ALL fuck up from time to time. Not one of us is perfect, myself the least so.

If you’re looking to grow through life, let’s go!
If you’re looking for perfection, I’m not the girl for you