Truthbomb Tuesday – Traveling

Mmm, yeah, this about sums it up! Part of why I am working so hard to grow my business and give myself financial freedom is so we can travel more – I envision traveling all over with my children, like I did with my parents!

So traveling may not always be free (though with my Coach business, the potential is there to earn free travel!), but by working hard and growing my income, it IS more affordable and much more possible (and, I am assuming, a lot more fun when you aren’t needing to put it on credit cards!)

Did you travel a lot as a child? Do you travel more as an adult?

Tip Tuesday – Traveling

With summer around the corner, vacations are being booked and we’re setting out to travel. Now, naturally, traveling is a lot for anyone, but as Diabetics, we need to be extra prepared in order to avoid disaster.

Stacey Divone of The Girl with the Portable Pancreas offers up the following tips:

I always make sure I have a snack in my bag, once past security I fill my water container, and I make sure my medication is IN MY CARRY ON – not my checked bag! Too many instances of checked baggage being lost, and then your medication is lost, and I don’t know about the meds you take, but with some of mine, I CANNOT refill them more than once within 30 days – so lost medication would be a BIG problem for me. I consider my medication like a valuable – I keep it with me and don’t check it.

Do you have any other tips to help ease the burden of traveling as a Diabetic?