Transformation Tuesday – Not All Transformations Are Physical!

I don’t really have one of those “Wow!” kinds of physical transformations. Rather, my transformation has been mostly internal. It’s been mental, emotional, spiritual and yes, even physical.
What have I transformed since starting my Beachbody journey 3 years ago?

My Diabetes. From out of control to under control.

My mindset. From negative to considerably positive.

My body. From weak due to injuries to strong and capable.
My confidence. From insecure to healthy and expressed.
My spirit. From quiet and barely evident, to bold and obvious.
I have seen myself rise to the occasion, to the challenges, and surprised myself with what I am capable of. And in doing so, I bridged what started as a way to keep myself accountable and my Diabetes under control, into a passion for helping others get healthy too.
So while it’s not entirely something I can show from a side-by-side picture, there is absolutely no mistaking how much I have changed, and how far I have come. I used to just get by, lackluster and low energy. Now I feel VIBRANT. I feel CAPABLE. I am energized and excited to see my vision come to life, my dreams come true.
I no longer feel helpless and hopeless. I feel hopeful and confident! And thats the best transformation of them all!

Transformation Tuesday – From A Non-Runner to a 5k’er

There were more than a few people surprised when, 3.5 days prior to the event, I decided to run a 5k.

I mean, its the worst kept secret that I hated running. I hated that I had to wear shoes for it, and I hated how it made my body feel – it triggered my shoulder injuries, my lower back injuries, and my knee injury. It just hurt. And when something hurts, you don’t enjoy it. At least I don’t.
So when I dropped this last minute decision, there were a few people legitimately wondering if I had lost my mind, or if I was tipsy off wine, or if something had possessed me, haha. I mean after all, I am very vocal about running and how I am not a fan, so I don’t blame them!
But something beautiful has happened to me in the last few years – the ones since I started my Beachbody journey. I made myself a priority, and made consistent, regular exercise a must – a priority, one I definitely do not skimp on. And in doing so, I have strengthened my body, especially my core, and many of my prior injuries are no longer triggered. This was first made evident by my ability to finish programs, but especially evident on my Hammer & Chisel journey – that program is challenging, and strenuous, and I was worried I couldn’t handle it, but I rocked it — TWICE!
So with this stronger core, I have gained strength, and confidence in myself. When you pair that with the self esteem, confidence, and BELIEF in myself that my Beachbody journey and all of my personal development has given me in the past almost 3 years… nothing really seems so far out of range now. I mean, I wouldn’t sign up to run a marathon tomorrow, because even I have limits (and having seen several friends train for them, I KNOW you have to train and train hard!), but suddenly a 5k didn’t seem SO daunting anymore.
I have wanted to run one for SO long. I haven’t really told anyone that because again, I hate(d) running. But when an opportunity presented itself less than 4 days before the event, I pounced on it. A few years ago I might have pounced on it and then worried about biting off more than I could chew, doubted myself, second guessed myself… and I probably would have chickened out. But I have come so far – I feel so much more capable, and I am aware that MY journey doesn’t have to match anyone else’s. So I applied that to the race – from the second I agreed to do it, I promised myself that I was only going to do my best, not beat myself up if that was less than ideal, HAVE FUN DOING IT, and finish, no matter how long it took me. It was only ever MY pace, MY race.
No second guessing myself. No harsh criticism. No worrying, no losing sleep over it, and NO DOUBTS.
I’m hooked. I got the bug. It felt amazing to run it, it felt amazing to finish it. Oh, and it still feels amazing now, because this was a huge deal for me.
In the few days leading up to the event, I did my best to prepare myself, still promising myself that it didn’t matter what my time was, the goal was to cross the finish line.
My biggest takeaway here is that it is TRULY mind over matter. I will admit that somewhere around the halfway mark, my stomach started cramping a little bit, and catching my breath was a little harder, but I kept going. I gave myself a pep talk while running and I focused on my breathing.
I finished because I put my mind to it. And for someone who has always been quick to doubt herself and her abilities, this is huge! I can do ANYTHING I set my mind to. And on October 22, 2016, I PROVED that to myself.

Transformation Tuesday – Country Heat Round 1

After 2 back to back rounds of Hammer & Chisel, I needed a break, and I knew it! So I looked to the newly released Country Heat!

Yesterday, my Challenge Group kicked off a round of Country Heat. For me, it is the second round.. I completed round one towards the end of the summer. I LOVED this program – I was honestly surprised because while some of it is fun, most country music doesn’t do it for me (though as I stated, there ARE exceptions), and I wasn’t really sure if I would hive with honky tonk dancin’, you know?

But in the true nature of being an adventurous spirit who will try anything once, plus the incredible BUZZ surrounding this program at Coach Summit, I decided that yes, I would do at least one round. To be able to say I did. To be able to speak from experience when people ask me about it. I believe in being 100% authentic, and I only ever speak to my experiences with products and programs and the likes.

So I went in skeptical, I will admit, but I came out completely sold, and ready for another round! Autumn and I had a few tiffs during our 21 Day Fix/Hammer & Chisel Days (girl is effective, but she is also NONSTOP haha), and this program showed me a different side of her, one I enjoyed – she seemed more into having fun here, whereas with 21 Day Fix and Hammer & Chisel she was ALL business.

I had a rough summer, so much of my lean progress from my rounds of Hammer & Chisel had a little bit more padding, and after Country Heat not only did my core feel much stronger, but I noticed more definition and abs even made a cameo!

But more importantly (in my personal opinion) than abs and definition are how I felt – confident, challenged but capable (a few of the moves required a little practice for me to master, because while I love dancing, its typically freestyle dancing to jam band music, not choreographed stuff – but all of the moves are masterable!), genuinely happy I gave the program a try, and firmly on the side of “fitness CAN be fun” – you just have to find what you enjoy!

I don’t weigh myself, but I lost some inches around my torso and my thighs. I didn’t do it for the loss, but it was a nice bonus, really. Who doesn’t want to feel lean and strong and have fun getting there?!

I am excited for Round 2 – we just started yesterday. If you would like to join us, it’s not too late – we can instantly stream your program On Demand so you can join us!

You in?! You can comment below, email me, or click here to order a Country Heat Challenge Pack (workout and month’s supply of my favorite superfoods – Shakeology!) or you can click here to order the standalone Country Heat workout program!

Let’s have some fun!



Transformation Tuesday – Personal Growth

For too many years, I felt small. Invisible. Insignificant. Isolated. I can pin a decent chunk on my lack of functional ears, but not all of it….

I know what you are thinking… you?! You see my outgoing personality and you see the results of the personal growth I have experienced in the past couple of years, and the first sentence doesn’t quite compute. Kara? Was shy?!
But that’s how it was. The outgoing personality was always there (and for a select handful of friends and family members, was always out and on display), but it was stifled; it was muted. I never felt comfortable putting all my many quirks and flaws out on front street for ALL to see – this was reserved for those who were tried and true friends – ones who have seen me at my best, and my worst, and still don’t judge me.
But something happened when I started really focusing on my health and fitness journey, and in building my business. I still don’t know what, or how (my money is on all the team building and personal development!), but suddenly I didn’t feel shy about sharing just how quirky I am. I didn’t feel like I had to put out a muted, beige version of myself. I no longer felt like I had to conform to fit in, but I finally felt like I could carve my own niche out, and those who resonated with my vibe could join me; those who don’t could pass me by and I wouldn’t be any worse off for it.
It’s kind of a surreal feeling to finally feel comfortable and confident in your own skin; to feel like you can be yourself, 100%, and its OKAY if not everyone vibes with you. I wish it hadn’t taken me til my 30’s to realize it, but better late than never, huh?
Some transformations are physical, and those are amazing. Some are mental, and those are enlightening. Some are emotional, and those are powerful. And some transformations are all of the above – and those are EMPOWERING.
I could play the guessing game and think “Hmmm, would I be this far had I not become a Beachbody coach, thus holding myself accountable?”, but that won’t get me anywhere. All I do know is that the Beachbody Coaching opportunity has been great for me… physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually.
I look forward to growing even more!

Transformation Tuesday – Being a Beachbody Coach

“The privelege of a lifetime is being who you are” …

A couple of my fellow coaches and I hosted a webinar where we shared our stories, and how being a Beachbody Coach has changed our lives (the very reason this blog exists is because being a Beachbody Coach gave me the confidence to do it!)

I am the second speaker, and while my speech isn’t perfect or anything, it took a lot for me to do something live like this… I have always been a little shy on that front due to a sudden, profound hearing loss in both ears around age 10.

So when my success partner and I decided to do this, I was a little nervous! But truthfully, any nerves were worth working past, because being a Beachbody Coach has really changed me… not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well! And it feels like it would be a waste to not share what it has done for me, and help others see what it could do for THEM.

Take a look, if you would like. See how I have come out of my shell, embraced all that life has to offer, and changed the financial reality of that and my husband – and we’re just getting started!

There is, TRULY, more to life than just going to work and paying your bills. It’s called LIFE because its meant to be LIVED!



Transformation Tuesday – Hammer and Chisel

Whew! I did it! I actually did it! I think back to the first time I tried Hammer & Chisel, and how disastrous it was… and then I think back to the first day of this second attempt, and, if I am being 100% honest, I was already making up excuses to get out of it – I was terrified.

But something clicked inside of me. And I decided I was all in – and I was gonna prove, no matter how hard it was, that I could do this. And so it became personal (and that’s NOT a bad thing at all). I was not gonna let my fellow coaches doing it with me down, and I was not gonna let myself down. I was gonna battle all the way to the end. So that’s what I did – and it was T O T A L L Y a battle. But I realized I am a worthy opponent, and I was gonna take it one day at a time. So thats what I did!

In doing this start to finish, I learned SO much about myself. I learned I COULD get myself out of bed at 4:30 to get my workout(s) in, and I COULD finish them. I paused to catch my breath and then kept going – I never stopped. I didn’t quit. I didn’t skip a single day. That actually means a lot to me.

I battled. I upped my weights. I moved when I just wanted to lie on the damn floor. To prove that I could. I am a very free spirit with workouts. I never go by schedules – I look at my extensive library and see what speaks to me. So following a set schedule was different for me. And I learned that I LOVE THAT. Following a schedule actually helped me get the balance.

I feel strong, confident, and FIT… I feel vibrant, courageous, and CAPABLE. And that’s the real takeaway from this program – proving to myself that I could, especially after this one got the better of me previously. I have lived my life always believing there is nothing I can’t do – those very words always ensure I CAN; I hate being told I can’t – those words are fuel, they are personal. And so it was fuel to make sure this attempt would stick!

In summation, no, it wasn’t easy. Yes, it’s doable. No, you won’t want to be best friends with Autumn after. Yes, you will curse both trainers. No, you won’t die. YES, you will sweat like it’s going out of style. But if you take the advice I offered yesterday about keeping the faith and trusting the process… YES, you can do this!

(I should also confess that my nutrition was not 100% and we all know that makes a difference – I would say mine was at 80-90%)

Final stats:

  • Waist – lost 1 inch
  • Hips – lost 1.5 inches
  • Left Thigh – gained ¾ inch
  • Right Thigh – gained ¾ inch
  • Chest – lost 1 inch
  • Left Arm – gained 1 inch
  • Right Arm – gained ½ inch

Losses and gains make the world go round!

Before - Hammer and Chisel

After - Hammer and Chisel