Friday Fit Tip – Rest and Recovery

Raise your hand if you struggle NOT to do something super active on your rest day(s)? GUILTY.

But… you gotta! You can definitely still move, but you gotta give your body that healing time! I like Yoga, but Tai Cheng or Qi Gong are awesome alternatives too.

You gotta let your body heal, and take rest and recovery as seriously as you take training, because how else are you supposed to become a badass?! 🙂

Truthbomb Tuesday – Big Picture

Health is all about the big picture, not a snapshot. This means that, as I have said, one bad day/meal won’t kill you, just like one good day/meal won’t cure you and deem you healthy.

Its about balance. It’s true you need to take it one day at a time, but you need to realize that just because you messed up, doesn’t mean you need to completely throw the towel in.

Life is short. You have to enjoy it. The stress and guilt that comes along with overindulging is far more detrimental to your wellbeing than the actual meal.

truthbomb tuesday 2

As for the balance of exercise… it doesn’t have to be at the gym, or a DVD. Anything active works. Move your body because you want to and because you love your body. Not because you think you should or because you hate your body. Body image is crucial to keeping your missteps at a minimum.

At the end of the day, you have to realize that your body was meant to be nourished and fed. Restricting yourself leads to nothing good. It will not make you happier. Often, restriction leads to a dark place for you and affects your relationship with others. This is why even the most dedicated fitness professionals have cheat meals – eating clean every meal, every day, is REALLY hard to sustain, and where is the fun in that? Make them your exception not your rule, and E N J O Y it.

I say this as someone who is the BIGGEST self critic. It’s just not sustainable to be 100% all day every day. And even if it was, what kind of ride through life is that?!

Nope, the magic is in the balance! 🙂

Simple Saturday – Live Training

I have a live training with my team today, and I am excited! Last time we all gathered in person was awesome, and bolstered my belief that I am on the right path! I was in a bad mood, negative, and didn’t want to bring anyone down, so I questioned whether I should go. Little did I know, it was going that was going to not only lift me out of my bad mood, but clear away a LOT of the fog, too!

I fully believe in surrounding yourself with positive, uplifting people who see bright futures ahead. I am lucky enough to not only have a close circle of childhood friends who do this, but I also have my Beachbody friends, who have become family!

conscious effort

Life is challenging, and when you have a tribe of people who will help pull you out of any funks, encourage and empower you, inspire and motivate you, and cheer and celebrate you… well, frankly, you are very blessed, and I consider myself extremely blessed to be on this amazing journey with these amazing people.

I foresee a lot of love, light, laughs, and yes, learning today. And I couldn’t be happier about it!

It really is the simplest things in life that bring the most joy 🙂

Workout Wednesday – Benefits of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Any fans of HIIT out here? On the right day, I am all about it – a day where I have the energy for short, yet intense workouts, or a day where I don’t have a time for a full workout but I also don’t want that slacker feeling!

The beauty of HIIT is that its intense, but quick! But it’s also loaded with benefits, too!

Benefits of HIIT

I like to stick at least one HIIT workout into my regimen per week. I find this helps me have the most balance without putting my body into a serious state of fatigue – everything in moderation, right? 🙂

So, who’s going intense today?!


Workout Wednesday – Body Beast

This program has intimidated me since I was introduced to Beachbody. No, not because I think I am going to bulk up, and not because I don’t think I am strong enough to handle it. The real intimidation? A guy I follow who is 100% dedicated to it, his supplement regimen had me nervous… no way do I want to put that many supplements into my body…

So I confess, I dismissed this one for a long time. My biz partner and coach Rebecca recently talked to me about how she did it. She’s a little taller than I am (who isn’t?!), but outside of that we are very similar body types. So I was intrigued…

So I was asking her, do I really have to take all of the supplements, or is that more for the people who are trying to bulk up and increase their mass? She told me I didn’t need to take them, to just be sure to replenish myself with Shakeology after to help the muscles heal and refuel me. Okay, I can do that…

So now I am thinking I am gonna get Body Beast, and run a Challenge Group for men, and women who would like to strengthen and lean out. I loved how strong I felt and looked in my wedding gown, and I would really like to continue to build strength and muscle.

Wanna join me? Shoot me a message and we will get you all set!

Right up my alley! 🙂