Diabetic Life – Insurance Companies…

When an insulin pen that typically lasts 10-12 days has to last 15 because insurance companies like to go on power trips…


Your AWESOME diabetic team basically calls em up and gets it all situated for you, saying under no circumstances should ANY diabetic, much less one 36 weeks pregnant (thus battling some pretty raging hormones, if you catch my drift…) be “rationing” their remaining insulin, so you go in and happily pick up your supply a few days later, instead of needing to ration your insulin.

There’s a lot that can be said here but rather than get into the fuckery of insurance and their red tape/regulations, I’m choosing to focus on the power of COMMUNICATION. By communicating my situation to my team, they were able to advocate and find a solution for me, happily, as that is their job and what they are paid to do. They wield more power than we the consumers do, so let them help!

Do not “suffer in silence” – speak up and let someone help you; there is always a way!

World Diabetes Day

I never wanted to be a part of this club.

And honestly? I still don’t.

But… I am. That’s the hand I was dealt.

I am a Diabetic.

No, not just because I ate candy. Not just because I enjoyed bagels and pasta. The only people who think that are the ignorant ones not battling Diabetes.

Today, on World Diabetes Day, I invite you to open your mind and perspective, stop judging/blaming Diabetics, and educate yourself – the disease is truly WAY MORE complex than your suggestions to “just eat less sugar”.

I assure you, if it were that easy, that’s EXACTLY what we would do.

Be the LIGHT, be the ENCOURAGER, be a source of SUPPORT and a beacon of HOPE… but please don’t be judgmental.

To all my fellow diabadasses, keep fighting the good fight – we are all stronger than we think!

Fuck Yeah Friday – Setting Up For A Comeback!

Some people expressed surprise that I was at Summit this year because I guess I’ve been kinda quiet on the ‘helping others’ homefront…

It’s a lot of moving parts but it’s mostly that it’s clear I need to focus a little more on my own wellness right now – I tend to pour my heart into OTHERS and put myself on the back burner and it became clear that wasn’t working for me.

And in all honesty, I felt like a hypocrite talking about anything wellness when despite all my efforts, my own health felt like it was in the tank.

But here’s what I know. Giving up won’t help. Making excuses won’t help. Blaming other things or other people won’t help.

What DOES help? Accountability. Support. To know I have a tribe of people who have my back, who can remind me I’m bigger than this; remind me just how damn far I have come. To encourage me to keep going.

My success group provides all of this for me and I’m so grateful for it!

And so consider this a “rebirth” of sorts – I’m still focusing on my own journey, but I want to do it with YOU, together. I want to help YOU. Whatever you are battling, we are stronger TOGETHER!

I’m ready – are you?