Tip Tuesday – Grounding

Anyone else a huge fan of grounding?

No, I don’t mean PUNISHING… grounding is GOOD!

I didn’t know the term for it until a couple of years ago, but I would always find myself doing just this… I love the feel of the Earth under my feet, but did you know it has tons of helpful benefits?

Tip Tuesday – Boundaries


I used to be a huge offender of going beyond boundaries, and heaping my ish on other people. And I also used to be the one who let others heap their ish on ME.

Stop allowing people to be disrespectful, draining, or demanding of your time. Take responsibility for your time and how you are treated.

Create boundaries and enforce them!

Tip Tuesday – Cook With Juice!

A good way to eliminate some calories while adding flavor (and antioxidants!) to your dishes is to cook with juice!

  • Cashew – Made from part of the cashew tree, but not the nut itself, the juice adds a nutty taste. By subbing cashew juice for sauce in a stir fry, you are improving your body’s absorption of the meat’s iron, due to the high vitamin C content!
  • Orange – You can get rid of oil based mixtures and marinate your chicken and fish in this classic breakfast standby! Citrus enhances the natural flavors of poultry AND keeps them super tender.
  • Pomegranate – Loaded with polyphenols – antioxidants that can stave off heart disease and cancer – pomegranate makes a delicious, thick reduction to pour over pork, chicken or beef.
  • Carrot – This beta carotene-laden juice promotes healthy vision and helps protect against heart disease, and it works well in Asian noodle dishes. Spices such as ginger, garlic, cinnamon and cumin enhance the sweet and savory flavor of the juice.

Tip Tuesday – Let It R.A.I.N.

I was chatting with a friend recently, and we were keepin’ it realĀ (what, don’t judge – life is challenging sometimes, and being able to discuss things in a productive manner can be helpful!), and talking about feeling discouraged and overwhelmed. Both of these feelings can happen to anyone, and are valid feelings.

What’s important, is not to let them rule you. Some people prefer to sweep these things under the rug (I’m not trying to judge you, but in my experience, they tend to creep their way out eventually…), whereas I have been trying to let myself feel, and let myself heal.

This handy acronym is neat – and a nice reminder that like rainstorms, whatever emotions are crippling you will pass.

Food Tip Friday – Juice From Lemon or Lime

Ever gone to squeeze some citrus in, and felt like it was a desert, barren with no real juicy goodness? Or gotten a little juice, but is that all!? I used to think it was just my inability to squeeze harder at times due to my neuropathy/arthritis, but chefs all around the world say you should roll it, with pressure, on your countertop before squeezing, this allows the flesh to break up a bit, maximizing the juices you get out of it.