Motivation Monday – Time

First Monday of a new month! Time for some motivation! Will you make the shortest month the best one? February is our shortest month, but that doesn’t mean you cant change the world, and change your life during this short but sweet month!

The old adage is true, and I fully embrace it – it doesn’t matter how much time you do (or don’t!) have – what DOES matter is what you DO with the time you have.

What will you do today to better your life, to brighten your future?


Feel Good Friday – Say No to Say Yes

Who doesn’t want to feel good? It’s easy to feel pulled in so many directions with the holidays, in addition to all the other happenings in life. One way to keep it in check is to learn to say NO!

You do not have to attend every party, every gathering, every gift exchange, every cookie swap, and everything else. Your time is not infinite. By saying no to something that doesn’t serve you, or that you don’t enjoy, you are able to say YES to something you DO enjoy!

And since the goal in life is to do more things you enjoy, this gets you closer to that.

Do things you enjoy; things that make you feel good!


Wednesday Wisdom – Absence

give the gift of your absence

This has been a hard lesson for me to learn lately. I am a giving person by nature. Most people reciprocate and appreciate, and the world keeps on turning. But there are some people who just can’t grasp the whole give-and-take concept. And these are the people you need to watch out for.

I recently learned the hard way that my time, energy, and efforts were absolutely not being appreciated, so I drew the line in the sand and told myself and the Universe, this is not okay; I will no longer expend energy on this person. This person, for whatever reason, cannot appreciate me and know my value, and so this is as far as our relationship goes; the surface. I know my own worth, I know my value, and I know what I bring to the table. If someone can’t appreciate that, they stay on the surface.

My time and energy are reserved for those worthy of it. So while it can be hard, the best thing you can do for yourself is to leave behind those that just can’t/won’t, for whatever reason, appreciate your presence.