Thursday Thoughts – Live and Let Live

I don’t get why people just can’t live and let live – I like to think I am a powerful lady but even I know I couldn’t get everyone to see things my way – even bacon has detractors! 🙂

Live and let live people, we all benefit from such a concept. Promise!

Thankful Thursday – This Too Shall Pass

Erggh…. confession. I have been in a bit of a slump lately, basically faking a good mood til I’m actually IN a good mood. Wedding stuff has me stressed out, people adding unnecessary stress on top of that, just everything. And my mood has kinda reflected as much; just kind of feeling down and overwhelmed, and sort of worn out.

But it’s important to me to put it out there into the Universe that, despite my mood right now and everything else going on, I am still so thankful for this life. It is not without it’s challenges, and sometimes I grow weary of always being in battle mode, but it is what it is; its what is necessary. Despite feeling worn out, I am thankful, grateful, and appreciative for the strength to battle, and especially grateful for the knowledge that “this too shall pass”.

I just wanted to get that off my chest for the sake of being real. I would like to think this is normal, and we all have these moments…. it’s tough to admit because for all my battles, I have SO many blessings, and I know it. But I am human, and I get into funks like anyone else does…

this too shall pass