Thirsty Thursday – Pina Colada Sangria!

Today’s entry isn’t the most Diabetic-friendly, but, life is short and we gotta splurge a little!

I modified the original recipe to add some maraschino cherries, and cherry juice to get the gorgeous ombre color effect, and some added flavor too!

SO good, just be careful – it’s a little TOO good! Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

Thirsty Thursday – Hint Water

My upline coach gifted me a bunch of stuff for Summit in a goodie bag, and this included a couple of bottles of Hint water, which I had never tried before. I love plain water so I almost never drink flavored water, but it is true that every once in a while some flavor is nice!

My opinion: it was good! Very subtle, just a hint; so aptly named. Bonus is, before drinking it, I went to the website (I like to do my research in order to validate my thoughts and opinions on this blog), and it’s dubbed “well-suited for Diabetics”, because its 99.9% water. Perfect for those days you just want a hint of flavor.

It uses the essence of fruit, no sweeteners or sugars. My kinda drink!

Hint Pic for Thirsty Thursday

They have several flavors – I tried Green Apple and Blackberry, and I liked them both.

Have you tried Hint water before? Do you like it? What’s your favorite flavor?

Friday Fun

This past week is the last of the 21 Day Fix Challenge Group I have been co-running (yes, I still run other groups even if I am doing a different program!), and we decided to have a little fun this last week. We setup for Motivation Monday (share one of your favorite motivational quotes), Tush Tuesday (show how all those squats are shaping your bum!), Wacky Wednesday – come up with the craziest workout outfit you can, Thirsty Thursday – selfie with your Shakeology or your water, any healthy beverage, and of course, finishing up the week with a nice Flex Friday!

It’s been a lot of fun – I know there are some people who still don’t believe fitness can be fun, but it can be! You just have to put some effort in! I mean, one of our girls did her workout in a wildly crazy tutu, and what harm does that do? NONE! It just makes it more fun 🙂
blog pic 5 things

I am fairly known for my love of motivational quotes, so I kept it simple with this one. Wednesday I worked out with a red white and blue tutu,  patterned yoga pants and a bright orange shirt, my thirsty Thursday is of course my Shakeology, and boom there’s the Flex Friday!

Fun times!

Thirsty Thursday – Benefits of Lemon Water

Who here likes their water with lemon in it? If I am out getting water at a restaurant or something, I like it. Typically in my every day water drinking, I don’t use lemon.

But there are quite a few benefits to adding this brightly colored citrus to your water. Did you know these?

Benefits of Lemon Water

There are several others, too. It always amazes me how sometimes the simplest of things have the most benefits. Further proof that small, yet consistent, changes help you reclaim your health and make a difference!