Thirsty Thursday – Pina Colada Sangria!

Today’s entry isn’t the most Diabetic-friendly, but, life is short and we gotta splurge a little!

I modified the original recipe to add some maraschino cherries, and cherry juice to get the gorgeous ombre color effect, and some added flavor too!

SO good, just be careful – it’s a little TOO good! Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

Thirsty Thursday – Hint Water

My upline coach gifted me a bunch of stuff for Summit in a goodie bag, and this included a couple of bottles of Hint water, which I had never tried before. I love plain water so I almost never drink flavored water, but it is true that every once in a while some flavor is nice!

My opinion: it was good! Very subtle, just a hint; so aptly named. Bonus is, before drinking it, I went to the website (I like to do my research in order to validate my thoughts and opinions on this blog), and it’s dubbed “well-suited for Diabetics”, because its 99.9% water. Perfect for those days you just want a hint of flavor.

It uses the essence of fruit, no sweeteners or sugars. My kinda drink!

Hint Pic for Thirsty Thursday

They have several flavors – I tried Green Apple and Blackberry, and I liked them both.

Have you tried Hint water before? Do you like it? What’s your favorite flavor?

Thirsty Thursday – Drink Your Water

For people with Diabetes, the risk of dehydration is greater, because higher than normal blood glucose depletes fluids. To get rid of the glucose, the kidneys will try to pass it out in the urine, but that takes water. So the higher your blood glucose, the more fluids you should drink, which is why thirst is one of the main symptoms of Diabetes.

drink your water

Water is, according to Diabetes specialists, important for everybody, but especially for Diabetes patients, because even a small decrease of the hydration level could cause serious health problems for Diabetics. One of the best warning signs that glucose levels are high is thirst. And, water is the best way to quench that thirst, and to break down those sugars. Also, in order to keep the body functioning normally, water should be a constant. But, water can be lost through exercise and normal exposure to high temps. With that, being hydrated will help prevent fatigue and help physical performance.

Me personally, I do very well with getting plenty of water into my system every day. I have a favorite water jug that you will almost always find at my side. The “rule” I follow is to drink at least half of your body weight in ounces. For me that is 58 ounces a day, and I surpass that. I typically drink 4 or 5 containers worth of water, and my container is 24 ounces.

How much water do you drink on average?