I {bend} so I don’t {break}

Let’s be slightly melodramatic for a second, yeah? 😉

This shirt is one of the truthiest ones I own, because while this one might seem a little more geared towards yoga, fitness/wellness in general are what have kept me from breaking/breaking down, especially as I battled some rough seas the last few months – having a goal, an accountability group, the capability to get up and go to it, for my body… for my soul… for my mind… that saved me.

That saved me from spiraling too deep into what I was working through.

I can’t control a lot of things (if only I WAS the master puppeteer!)…

But I can control showing up every day.
I can control pressing play.
I can control increasing my weights.
I can control LETTING myself feel the movement, allowing it to stretch and strengthen me, and I can control allowing myself to feel like a badass after (because that’s what a powerful workout does for you!)

I know not everyone sees it this way, but for me, fitness heals. It gives me a safe, productive outlet with which to do what I gotta do to get through what I gotta get through.

I bend, I lift, I move and I stretch {{so I don’t break}}

Could YOU use some support and accountability? I got you! Let’s do it – I LIVE to help others!

Therapeutic Thursday – Low Key Day

This past Saturday morning was the first time in probably close to 5 years that I have woken up shaky, lethargic, hypoglycemic. It wasn’t too bad but it was a marked difference from how I normally wake up (usually on my own, with enntirely WAY too much energy – definitely a morning person here!).

I made some whole grain toast with Peanut Butter and topped it with bananas. I was still a little shaky after, so I had a little pack of fruit snacks (I know, I know they are terrible but these are lesser-evil ones!), and then I was okay. I decided that morning that other than going for our morning coffee with my husband, that the rest of the day was gonna be low key and healing. I easily put off my to-do list, and spent the rest of the day in a cozy recliner, with my cozy blanket, my water, my Shakeology, and things I could do from there.

Therapeutic Thursday

I read some personal development, I took some notes, I did some organization of my files and my phone contents, and other little things that didn’t take any energy and wouldn’t set me back. And I was proud of myself that I didn’t push to get back to doing my lengthy to-do list once the shaking stopped. The former me would have insisted, but I have really grown when it comes to knowing when enough is enough and when to just LISTEN to my body. So I did, I spent the rest of the day being still and quiet, so I could get any messages my body might be trying to send me. And I was better off for it, as I felt much better after a day of low-keyness.

Like everyone else, I sometimes fall victim to thinking that my to-do list/obligations take precedence over my body and its needs. But the truth is, as hard as we work them, we need to allow them to rest and recover.

The best gift you can give to yourself is the blessing to allow yourself to rest and do nothing.

A Splendid Saturday!

The pedicure hasn’t happened yet because this morning we opted to go to a local farm (a farm I grew up going to for fresh fruits and veggies no less) to pick some strawberries! Then, we headed to the water to gather some rocks (smoothed by the salt water!) for a wedding project. So I did get my Vitamin D, plus I got super sweet, fresh berries out of it and one more thing checked off the wedding to-do list! That’s way more important than a pedicure 🙂

Tonight is Dead/Phish night at a local venue, and we will of course be heading to that, so I’ll be dancing my way around, enjoying a great Saturday night after a splendid Saturday!

Live the life you love. I promise, you can do it. Live your life by d e s i g n, not d e f a u l t.

gathering rocks
Gathering sea-smoothed stones for a wedding project. Waves crashing = most peaceful sound on Earth.
strawberry harvest
Our delicious strawberry harvest! I could eat all of these RIGHT NOW… but I won’t… I will exercise some self control…

What an outstanding day so far… how is yours going?