Self Love Saturday – First Thing You Do

Is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning to hop on social media?

Guilty over here.

But, with how negative social media can be, is that really the best way to start a day? I don’t think it is.

Maybe starting with a positive podcast, or some personal development, or even just sitting in silence and soaking all the possibilities of the day up is a better way to go about it.

Who’s down to try it with me for at least a week?

Truthbomb Tuesday – Common Sense

Hahaha… as funny as this is, at the same time, it’s not so funny… how do some people survive, I wonder sometimes… it seems like basic common sense is now like the elusive unicorn!

What do you think has caused this decline? Smart phones? Technology as a whole? A lazy society?

Motivation Monday – Famous Hard Of Hearing People

Helen Keller. Thomas Edison. Ludwig van Beethoven. Lou Ferrigno. Juliette Low.
All of these names are well known, because each of these people did AMAZING things. The most amazing of all might be that they all OVERCAME hearing impairments in pursuit of their goals and accomplishments!
I will confess, at a younger age, I thought my own personal hearing loss was a dead end for many things. I didn’t know technology was going to make so many things so much easier, and I didn’t realize that one could still be successful despite the loss of a major sense. The age I lost my hearing is a critical time for self development, and I will confess my sudden hearing loss left me mentally and emotionally crippled for some time.
But that was way back then… this is now!
Someday, I see my OWN name associated with success despite hearing loss. I KNOW I can do anything I want. I know I can achieve anything I set my mind to. I know I will face OBSTACLES, but those are simply my OPPORTUNITIES – to rise, to shine, to overcome… to find a workaround!
I know my hearing loss can’t stop me. If anything, I vow to let it propel me.
Obstacles into opportunities!

This or That Thursday – Lists Edition

Which one do YOU prefer? I will admit that technology has some appealing aspects, and I do use the notepad on my phone for notes, and future ramblings (haha), but for my actual lists, 99.9 % of the time I choose…. good old pen and paper!

I freakin’ LOVE the feeling of taking pen to paper and crossing completed things off. I know some digital versions have that but it isn’t the same, to me!

Which do you prefer? Digital notes or pen and paper?