Move It Monday – Every Sweat Counts!

Anyone who says you can’t work up a serious sweat in 15 minutes has obviously never worked out with Chris Downing!

Stop assuming what ISN’T possible and start thinking about what IS, and then put yourself into action and DO IT!

For the record, doubting and naysaying burns approximately 0 calories 😉

Friday Fitness – When In Doubt, Sweat It Out

I’m just struggling a little today, so much going on… in full disclosure I almost bailed on my workout at least a dozen times, but truthfully that wouldn’t help (would actually probably make my mindset WORSE), so every time my dog (she hasn’t been feeling well) made a cameo I’d pause and snuggle her and then get back to it when she meandered away.

It pains me that she’s not feeling well and I don’t do the whole “helpless” thing well… but it felt good to sweat, to stay on track, to get my second to last workout of this program DONE.

When in doubt, sweat it out!

Saturday Sweat

Simple but effective! If you do not have a pullup bar (I have gone to the local jungle gym and used that!), you can double up on the pushups, or do renegade rows with weights, or even a band pull if you have one.

Who is getting their sweat on today?!

Sweat It Out Saturday – Once Per Day

Happy Saturday, everyone! 🙂

It’s my husband and my mother’s birthday, we have graduation parties and birthday celebrations galore today, which is why I am happy I got my workout done early this morning!

I find it especially important to get your workout done when you know you will be around tempting tables full of party food and treats. A fresh workout in the morning helps remind you of how hard you are working, which can keep you from totally derailing when you are faced with that table of treats later.

As I have said, I do believe in enjoying stuff, but in a controlled manner, and this is sometimes where the battle begins… at least for some!

sweat once per day

Sweat it out! Once per day (take a rest day or two, of course, but your rest days need to be the exception, not the rule!)

Go forth and sweat! 🙂



Sweat It Out Saturday – Lovely Legs Workout

Happy Saturday! Is it nice out where you are? If so, you could save this graphic to your phone, go to a place where the scenery is so gorgeous you won’t even realize how hard you are working your legs, and just go for it!

I love me some portable workouts. Great way to tone those legs for all the shorts and sundresses we will be wearing this summer!

lovely legs workout

And if it’s not so nice out, it’s still a simple, quick way to get a nice leg workout in. I do this circuit 3 times, but even just once is enough.

Happy leg-toning!