Saturday Sweat – LUCKY

I know my St Patrick’s day workout shirt says LUCKY… but it should say blessed! It’s so cute I couldn’t resist.

I know I’m blessed and that’s why I’m soaking this whole pregnancy in – the challenges and all. It’s all part of a blessing this size.

I know SO many worthy men and women who are trying and trying and haven’t gotten their blessings YET, and my heart continues to go out to them as I send out baby blessings. I hold out faith it will happen for them, as it happened for me and so many others. I BELIEVE.

So today and all days, I will continue to feel so blessed and continue to spread that forward.

St. Patrick’s Day!

Of course I have to dress the part, right?!

I had this funny (to me) idea for a shirt and while my execution/idea didn’t go off as planned, I still find it funny and I fixed up the mess as best as I could, and it was fun to wear while doing Booty day with friends! This is when I need to remember PERFECTION is not a real thang!

I LIVE to create, in case it wasn’t clear!

Happy St Patrick’s day!

Sunday Shakeology – Shamrock Shake

Have you ever had one of those obscenely green, sugar-loaded Shamrock Shakes from McDonald’s? I have not, but apparently, everyone goes nuts over these things…

Here is my much healthier, still green but not obscene version of this famous Shamrock Shake. I like that there is a healthier version that I can make YEAR round if I so please 🙂

Shamrock Shake'ology

Does this sound like something you would try? Have you ever had a Shamrock Shake?