Transformation Tuesday – 21 Day Ultimate Reset

}} 4.25 {{

Nope, it’s not a date. It doesn’t need a dollar sign. And it’s not a score.

It represents what I LOST in toxic/gunk-filled inches, during my 21 day experience known as the Ultimate Reset!

And 4.25 might not seem like a lot but, I will tell you something, ridding your body of that much toxicity really does something to ya! It’s hard to put into words but I just feel so fresh, so cleaned out and light.

It literally feels like someone hit the Reset button and eliminated years and years of bad habits, chemicals (I wasn’t always as food-wise as I might be now!), and tons of other stuff that was bogging me down!

If this doesn’t lend credence to the notion it’s all about what you do/don’t eat, I don’t know what will. Other than yoga 3 times a week, I didn’t work out the whole 3 weeks, so these results are ALL nutrition-based!

Now, I just wish there was a way to measure what it did for me MENTALLY, because wow, did that ever help!

I feel lean and clean – if you wanna feel that way too, let’s chat!

Worth It Wednesday – Mind. Body. Spirit.

Do you feel you are well rounded in wellness? Sometimes I do, and sometimes I don’t. I don’t struggle with fitness, as I truly love the outlet and how I feel after.

But I definitely struggle with mind/spirit… those are the challenging ones, for me. I work on my mindset every day, but it is still too easy for me to go back to a negative state which dampens my spirit and makes things seem worse than they actually are!

Personal development, acupuncture, Tapping and sweat therapy are helping, but the battle is definitely there.

How do YOU do?


Friday Fun

This past week is the last of the 21 Day Fix Challenge Group I have been co-running (yes, I still run other groups even if I am doing a different program!), and we decided to have a little fun this last week. We setup for Motivation Monday (share one of your favorite motivational quotes), Tush Tuesday (show how all those squats are shaping your bum!), Wacky Wednesday – come up with the craziest workout outfit you can, Thirsty Thursday – selfie with your Shakeology or your water, any healthy beverage, and of course, finishing up the week with a nice Flex Friday!

It’s been a lot of fun – I know there are some people who still don’t believe fitness can be fun, but it can be! You just have to put some effort in! I mean, one of our girls did her workout in a wildly crazy tutu, and what harm does that do? NONE! It just makes it more fun 🙂
blog pic 5 things

I am fairly known for my love of motivational quotes, so I kept it simple with this one. Wednesday I worked out with a red white and blue tutu,  patterned yoga pants and a bright orange shirt, my thirsty Thursday is of course my Shakeology, and boom there’s the Flex Friday!

Fun times!

Christmas Eve

It’s still a magical time, though it was a little more magical as a child (you know, by child I mean someone who has no responsibilities and doesn’t get caught up in the hustle and bustle of holidays!)

We’re going out to eat for dinner tonight with family, and then just hanging in, enjoying our first Christmas Eve as a married couple, and our last in this house (we are moving in January!)

Saw this poem once and I really liked it. I actually can’t wait to have children to share it (and many, many other things!) with!

What do you do for Christmas Eve? We usually do dinner and then hit some friends houses, but everyone is scattering this year!

Workout Wednesday – 5 Health Benefits of Yoga

Any fellow yogi’s up in here? I have really developed a love of Yoga. I always feel stretched and relaxed post-Yoga. In fact, I think Yoga is what has MOST made me aware of how strong my body actually is, and how flexible I am. It took me a while to adapt to it, because I am admittedly NOT used to sitting still or peacefully stretching, but I am very much used to strenuous exercises and go-go-go moves. It’s a nice switch up!

There are endless benefits to Yoga, but I thought I would share 5 very important ones with you. This mind-body exercise can include physical postures, meditation, and breathing techniques. It helps you increase your strength, improve your balance, and creates self-awareness. By practicing yoga, you are able to:

  1. Improve your flexibility and strength – Yoga stretches your muscles, and our bodies typically respond quickly. Standing poses work your muscles in your lower body, while inversions, such as Downward Dog, strengthen your upper body.
  2. Improve your heart health – Practicing Yoga has proven to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, when compared to people who did not work out.
  3. Reduce your low back pain – This one is something I have suffered with greatly since I was rear ended at high speed while my vehicle was stopped. My body still has never fully recovered from that, but it has definitely made leaps and bounds. Yoga has helped this greatly, because research shows that practicing Yoga for several months can ease chronic low back pain, help you function better, and enrich your quality of life.
  4. Lose weight – Yoga has been proven to be just as effective in helping people lose weight as exercises such as cycling and walking briskly.
  5. Ease stress and reduce anxiety levels – Yoga involves exercises that make you pay attention to your breathing. Deep breathing helps you relax almost instantly, which of course, helps relieve stress and anxiety. (This is why people tell us to take a deep breath when we are stressed and upset – it really works!)

So tell me, do you practice Yoga? If so, do you have a favorite move?

I love the way the Scorpion stretches me out… whew!

body mind spirit



Thursday Thoughts – Nothing Else Needed

Fun fact: there are hundreds of exercises you can do with just your body; meaning, no equipment required. You have everything you need at any given time – your body to do the work, and your brain to get you there. If you believe you can do it, you can, and you will!

In other words, there are no excuses…. There are no excuses for not taking 30 minutes out of your day to take care of yourself, your body, your mind, your soul, and your spirit. Remember that next time you start to think you can’t – at ANY given moment, you have exactly what you need to take care of yourself. So do it! 🙂