Monday Mood Boost – Immerse Yourself In Nature

This weekend was spent reconnecting with nature, disconnecting from technology, and was then topped off by immersing ourselves in love in a gorgeous setting.

I can’t really speak to how powerful a weekend it was.

I can’t put it into words.

I have tried… but nothing feels SUFFICIENT enough to encapsulate just how much I NEEDED such a weekend.

My soul has been hurting lately. And rather than admit it, I let my ego take control and I just kept truckin’…

And that’s not necessarily a BAD thing… but it’s also equally important to HONOR all emotions, to NURTURE your soul; to let yourself FEEL and let yourself HEAL.

Mother Nature is ALWAYS healing. She has never let me down. She ensconces me in her beauty, her power. She whispers sweet somethings into my soul to remind me I’m freakin’ strong, even in my weakest moments.

She reminds me that all my ego does is hold me back; she reminds me it’s okay to have tough days – they won’t last. She encourages me to work through what’s challenging me and embrace what it’s trying to teach me.

There is beauty in all lessons, truly.

It was so nice to just sit, soak it all in and appreciate the beauty, and then cap it off by celebrating the nuptials of dear friends, which actually served as the perfect ending to a perfect weekend; a reminder that bad days don’t last, love is a powerful antidote, and life is way too short to give too much life hours to the less desirable parts of life.

To all who were a part of this much needed, incredibly powerful weekend, thank you. It was so welcomed, necessary, appreciated and healing.

Self Love Saturday – It’s Been A While Since…

The answer to this mornings query (“I am doing something today I haven’t done in 15 years… any ideas?”) was… actually letting my stylist do more than just cut my hair!

She added some “babylights” after a 15 year hiatus from letting anyone do anything colorwise to my hair, because 15 years ago I had a really bad experience with someone dying my hair pitch black (I had asked for my dirty blonde hair to be dyed chocolate brown…) and it took a lot of time, money and energy to fix it, managed to begin the destruction of a friendship, looked absolutely atrocious, and ruined my hair for a while (I was losing clumps left and right), so it’s been a LONG TIME since I was comfortable doing anything, but my current stylist did a fantastic job and I love it!

My hair has been super healthy for years now and I was VERY hesitant to do anything that might change that, but it was time for a little change (and because she did it properly, it won’t affect the health of my locks!) 😊

Do you do anything to your hair? Have you ever had a bad hair experience?

Soul Care Sunday – Golfing

Soooo someone caught the golf bug last weekend!

Dave and I hit the range today and this right here is THE ONE time my backswing was proper… I fell shy every other time, so it looks like I know what I gotta work on! 😊

As far as actually connecting with the ball, not a terrible base to build off of but the horrendous backswing needs work!

Felt great to get out there, soak in some Vitamin D and fresh air, move my body, and find something new I enjoy doing! It was soul-soothing – I totally get why people want to spend all their free time golfing!

Do you golf?

Soul Care Sunday – Prepping Together

I would be absolutely remiss if I didn’t show my gratitude and appreciation for this guy right here, for just being him and being amazing every day, but also today he spent hours helping me food prep for my next adventure that begins tomorrow – the Ultimate Reset!

Some people have spouses they need to beg to help them, I have one that steps in voluntarily to help me, to support me (and let’s be honest – to check me and keep me from being completely overwhelmed!) and I am SUPER lucky to have that and I know it! Thank you babe – love you!

I am prepped, packed, and ready to take on the Challenge – yes, I am a little nervous (but that’s normal!) but I am EXCITED and empowered, because I KNOW this is what my internal system NEEDS!

Does your spouse help with meal prep?