Small Business Saturday 2017

We all like to shop, right?

But when we shop small/local business over that of the big box stores, our purchases are doing more than just getting us the products we wanted.

No, when you support an entrepreneur, you are doing so much more. You might be helping a little girl get her gymnastics lessons. You might be helping a struggling mother put food on the table for her kids. You might be helping someone pay off her credit card debt, helping to free her from her shackles. You might be helping someone’s college tuition, someone’s mounting medical bills, or someone’s home from being foreclosed on.

And you might help convince an entrepreneur on the brink of quitting (entrepreneurship is NOT easy) to stay the course.

You never know. You never know how your single purchase could change the trajectory of someone’s life!

Small Biz Saturday!

Shoutout to all the small business owners out there! Do your part to support them! Remember, when you support small businesses, you aren’t helping a CEO get yet another vacation home, or upgrade his boat. You are helping a little ballerina get her dance lessons, or a budding Picasso get art lessons, helping struggling parents put food on the table… all sorts of goodness!

Help support these businesses – being the owner of a couple myself, we work really hard, and any and all support is much appreciated! You are helping to support our dreams, and encouraging others to do the same!

Do you have your own business? If you’d like to include the link in comments, I would love to check it out!