Kara Keepin’ It Real – Not Going Up In Weights

Let me keep it real here and say I am struggling mightily to not up my weights for the program I am currently in – especially as my trainer encouraged us to go up this week as we enter the third week of 8.

But I decided before I even took this program on again, after the 1-2 punch of doing it last time coupled with the 175 mile challenge, my body was taxed and it needed a slower pace, it needed me to be a little gentler… to recover from what it went through and to set up a conducive environment for what I’d like it to go through (conceiving a child).

But it is so hard. It is ALL ego, and ALL competitive spirit… but it’s still a challenge.

I know being gentler and focusing on form is what I need right now, and so that’s why I continue to work on that instead of upping weights… but in keeping it real, I will tell you that is a VERY tall order for my personality type!

Self Love Saturday – Summer

Summer is almost here! Summer Eve (the date, not the product!) is as awesome as Christmas or New Years Eve for me… I live for the summer! It is especially welcomed by those of us in New England who can STILL see snow (seriously, not joking…) in some parts of Boston after a brutally relentless winter.

So I’m thrilled its finally here! I think my plan is a nice pedicure and allow myself to (safely, of course) soak up some Vitamin D! It has been a struggle lately to find time to just relax and recharge – I have been so busy with A Peaceful Diabetic, 401Love Designs, my Beachbody business, planning my wedding, and everything else in life such as full time job, helping family, etc… sitting and doing “nothing” (or at most, taking in the view or reading a good book) has been VERY difficult to come by. But like I said, you can’t always be go-go-go, do-do-do… you have to find time to relax and recharge or you will burn out!

Summer is the perfect time to slow it down a little bit, wouldn’t you agree? 🙂

hello summer


Simple Saturday – Love Them!

This girl right here is a huge, huge fan of Saturday mornings. As someone who commutes to work, and deals with traffic (especially bad in the summer, as I work in a very summer tourist-laden area), I appreciate the slightly slower pace of Saturday mornings. My fiancé and I usually lounge in bed a little longer, and meander out to get our coffees and just enjoy some quality time, instead of the usual hustle and bustle of the workweek. Sometimes I get myself outta bed early, get my workout in, and then go back to snuggle a bit.

Saturday Morning

Then who knows what Saturday brings… usually the errands I didn’t get to over the week, and the free time fills up fast, but there is something so awesome about a Saturday morning, knowing you have two quality days ahead of you with which to get stuff done, take time for yourself, run errands, visit with friends and family; all sorts of fun stuff. It’s a peaceful easy feeling waking up on Saturday, and I love it!