Adventures in Pregnancy – 37 weeks and gettin’ schooled!

Ahhh, pregnancy. I’m 37 weeks in now, and boy has pregnancy taught me a few things!

I’m a doer, a very action-oriented person. I always have errands, projects, a house to maintain, things to be done, because I don’t love too much idle time – our time on Earth is so short, while it IS necessary to relax, I don’t wanna spend TOO MUCH time relaxing, I’d rather be LIVING.

And pregnancy is this weird mashup of having so. much. to. do, yet such little energy with which to do it… and especially towards the end, feeling a strong urge to take it extra easy to store your energy reserves for what’s coming.

At a time when everything seems to speed up, it’s necessary to slow down, and it’s been an adjustment for me, truly. I’m not much of a couch potato, but I’ve logged more downtime couch hours during the last half of my pregnancy than probably all my life combined (probably an exaggeration but it does feel that way!)

While I’m POSITIVE it will all be worth it, it’s definitely been an adjustment; that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just a fact of life. But it’s part of this whole blessing, so I’m doing my best to honor that.

Did you slow down towards the end, or did you stay full speed ahead?

8 months pregnant… what!?

8 months today.

Still trying to wrap my head around that, honestly.

Pregnancy is the only thing I’ve experienced where time speeds up while slowing down, simultaneously.

What 8 months means for me includes a much, much foggier brain, which means I don’t remember much so if you wanna tell me something important, make sure I write it down… it means a much slower lifestyle (when I’m running errands I’m moving slowly but I feel like I’m not even moving!), it means much more emotional sensitivity, a little more anxiety, MANY more pee breaks (we’ve blurred the line between breaks now so life feels like one giant pee break), more heat sensitivity, oh and so much excitement to meet this little nugget that has graduated from punching and kicking my insides to head butting me…

All in all, still feeling pretty good, still grateful for this whole experience, still in disbelief at how fast (and yet, slo-o-o-ow) my pregnancy has gone and yet, still wanna keep this baby safe and protected inside of me forever (figuratively, NOT literally!)

(Yes, I have totally popped recently! Don’t adjust your screens, you aren’t imagining things!)

Wednesday Wisdom – Pause

I need more pauses in my life, honestly.

They are incredibly hard for me. I don’t do well with pausing, I just go, go, go. A great trait to have, but can also be quite draining.

I intend to pause a lot more in 2018 – how about you?

By ‘stop’, I mean for the moment, not permanently. You’ll never get me to stop permanently – my mama didn’t raise me that way!

Self Love Saturday – Post Holidays

Whew! I am exhausted! I don’t know how all you parents do it (I do look forward to that kinda crazy someday, but right now I have enough…)

Packing and purging and project creating, shopping and wrapping and working, plus everything else… this girl is TAPPED OUT.

I love that so many people come to me in search of unique Christmas gifts for their loved ones (I also have a crafting business on the side, in addition to blogging and being a Beachbody coach – life is too short to ever be bored!), and I probably took on too much this season – but it was so worth it to see the smiles!

Now that Christmas is over, I want to take some time today to do…. *drum roll* NOTHING. I need it. My body needs it. My mind needs it. I need to have nothing to do, no deadlines to meet, for a day, until we start the craziness of packing up an entire house to move.

Spoiler alert: I don’t really intend to do nothing all day… that goes against every fiber of my being. However, I DO fully intend to take an hour to do nothing – I promise!

How will you show yourself love today?