Feel Good Friday – Shine Your Brightest!

Do you… see yourself as a constant self-improvement project?

Do you… approach self-love with an all-or-nothing attitude?

Are you… hard on yourself — especially your body?

Is there something you are attempting to get rid of by sweeping it under the rug?

It’s important to be mindful of coming from a place of wanting to LEARN and GROW and shine BRIGHTER, not from a place of ‘there is something wrong with me and I need to fix it.’

There is nothing wrong with you – you are beautiful and perfect. And there is nothing wrong with improving upon that. We are here to be our best selves; nothing less!

And if you need help with that, I’m here, always. I’m always working on being my best self too, so we can do it all together 💕

Sunday Runday – Day 1 of Summer 2018 Challenge!

Y’all know I love to challenge myself, and I do best when my goals are clearly laid out…

Summer 2018 Challenge is… 175 miles!

Worth noting that 2 years ago, I would have seen ‘175 miles’ and basically said “fuck that, no way”….

And 1 year ago I would have seen the number and given it some consideration (and overanalyzed it) and maybe done it, maybe opted not to.

Now? I am like shit, yeah! SIGN ME UP!

Do I think I will RUN 175 miles over the next 2 months? No, but the beauty is that you can walk, or bike (3 biked miles = 1 tracker mile for this) and I KNOW I can do that – it breaks down to 2.5 miles per day – I can totally do that!

So, since today is day 1 of the 2018 Summer Challenge, I ran. I didn’t run super fast, I didn’t run super far, but I ran; I got myself on the board.

I can do hard things. YOU can do hard things.

Still time to join me and some friends who are doing it!

On the board!
You in?

Move it Monday!

Did y’all really think I was gonna let today – a Monday, the first DAY of the new year, nevermind the first Monday – go by without getting my sweat on?!

Noooo… sure, some things may be changing but that’s not one of ‘em! I’m still working on consistently doing things to become the best version of myself; continuing the good habits and working on releasing the bad ones.

Today sets the tone for the week, the month, the year… it begins a new book, so make your start amazing; make your story awesome!

Happy new year – who’s slaying?!

Slay la Vie


🎶 these are a few of my favorite thiiiiings 🎶

And I mean, between that and the fact today’s workout was called MMA Kick Butt, today’s gonna be nothing short of awesome.

You know how I know?

Because I’ll make it so!