Tuesday and I am sick…

I’m not good with being sick. There’s always things to be done and I’m the worst with just taking time to rest so I can get better.

It took everything in me not to get up and get my sweat on, but I know that’s not what my body needs right now, and while it’s definitely a struggle to be out of my normal routine, I’m grateful I can RECOGNIZE when my body needs the rest and HONOR that.

I didn’t always listen to my body.

So today I am. My wonderful husband made me tea with lemon and honey, and I’m taking it easier today so I can get back to my normal productive life as soon as possible!

I don’t get sick often but when I do I get knocked down hard!


Today I did something I never, ever do… I bailed halfway through the workout.

Okay so, my shirts a lying liar who lies… I wasn’t having a good time because I still don’t feel well and my throat is still in that cool little “knives have invaded it” stage and I’ve since added a phlegmy cough, but I also know totally skipping a Monday wasn’t gonna make me feel any better, so I tried. I did what I could.

I’ll settle for 17 minutes of workout versus nothing. This is me taking my own advice to my group to let go of the all-or-nothing mindset. I’m human. I have limits. I have flaws.

Tomorrow will be better 😊

Movement Monday – Humbled.

I’m not good with being humbled.

When I know my capabilities, but fall VERY short of them due to being winded so easily due to a developing illness, it’s frustrating.

The good news is I have grown and I’m willing to see a doc to find out if it’s the beginning of a bad cold or upper respiratory infection, or something. The old me would just ignore it and hope it goes away, be frustrated when it doesn’t AND likely miss a bunch of fun stuff because I wasn’t proactive.

With so much happening in the next few weeks including travel, I ain’t got time to hope it goes away!

And yes, basically, I only ever get sick in December 😝