Work for it Wednesday – Keep Going

Yes, you see me show up.
You see me work for it.
If you pay attention, you also see me struggle. I’m transparent, I own my struggles, as they are part of my story and what gives me strength.

What you don’t see is the water breaks, the catch-my-breath breaks, the incredulous “you want me to do WHAT, Shaun?!” looks…

Yes, sometimes these add up to minutes… but 15 minutes of movement is better than 0 minutes.

So do what you gotta do. Take your breaks. Catch your breath. It’s all part of it…

But keep going. Pausing is NOT the same as stopping.

Fit Tip Friday – There is Power in the Pause

There is POWER in the pause.

Pause. Rest. Whatever you need… for as long as you may need.

There is nothing shameful about it and it doesn’t make you any less than.

But don’t you quit.

I respect and am inspired by those who honor themselves and their needs by pausing, not quitting.

Pride and ego have no place in health and wellness, if you ask me.

You loved and honored yourself enough to SHOW UP, why wouldn’t you love and honor yourself enough to do what you need to do to FINISH what you started?

Truthbomb Tuesday – Practices Makes Awesome

Want the truth? Well, it IS Tuesday, so let’s #truthbomb, shall we?

TOO MANY of us (myself included at times – I’m human…) are way too quick to compare. To sell ourselves and our ability to improve short. To throw in the towel and chalk it up to “I just can’t do XYZ…”


Maybe you can’t YET, but every single great in the world once couldn’t do what they excelled at either, or at the very least wasn’t AS awesome at it.

They focused. They put in the work. They showed up, they kept going. They practiced til they were awesome.

Why don’t WE do that? That’s how I see every workout, every round, every rep I do – practice that’s making me better. Making me stronger. Making me awesome.

Most of us don’t wake up and absolutely crush everything we set out to do (and yes, I know there are some exceptions to that rule, but that’s the key word – they are the EXCEPTION!)

If you want to be good at something, keep going till you are – giving up sure as eff won’t make you awesome at it!


Motivation Monday – Amazing


I’m simply saying, who the hell is inspired by perfection? You? Because I am not.

I am inspired by real, raw hustle. I am inspired by those who have all the excuses in the world, yet knock em off one by one. I am inspired by those who show up, by those who know their worth, by those who embrace feelin’ good and just wanna help others feel good, too.

I am inspired by all of the people who chose to rise up and shine.

It’s so much better to show up and be imperfect yet amazing, than to sit on the sidelines waiting for perfection.

I {bend} so I don’t {break}

Let’s be slightly melodramatic for a second, yeah? 😉

This shirt is one of the truthiest ones I own, because while this one might seem a little more geared towards yoga, fitness/wellness in general are what have kept me from breaking/breaking down, especially as I battled some rough seas the last few months – having a goal, an accountability group, the capability to get up and go to it, for my body… for my soul… for my mind… that saved me.

That saved me from spiraling too deep into what I was working through.

I can’t control a lot of things (if only I WAS the master puppeteer!)…

But I can control showing up every day.
I can control pressing play.
I can control increasing my weights.
I can control LETTING myself feel the movement, allowing it to stretch and strengthen me, and I can control allowing myself to feel like a badass after (because that’s what a powerful workout does for you!)

I know not everyone sees it this way, but for me, fitness heals. It gives me a safe, productive outlet with which to do what I gotta do to get through what I gotta get through.

I bend, I lift, I move and I stretch {{so I don’t break}}

Could YOU use some support and accountability? I got you! Let’s do it – I LIVE to help others!

Truthbomb Tuesday – You Can’t Do This Alone

I had no choice, so I went all in after I was diagnosed with Diabetes.
I was stressed out. Terrified. Clueless as to where to begin. Lost… I had confidence in my ability to rise above, like I have with everything else, but I had no idea how any of this had happened.
So I just started EMBRACING…
I embraced cleaner eating.
I embraced moving my body – in whatever way – more days than not.
I embraced educating myself about foods (which really only made me want to learn more, and I am actively planning to go back to school for it!)
I embraced trying new things that could help – one of those being Shakeology (she of the former mindset “I don’t DO shakes”, haha).
I embraced the intense need to work on my mindset, which would in turn help everything (and I DO MEAN EVERYTHING) else.
I embraced the change.
And, probably one of the most important parts of this… I joined a community of ladies doing the same thing – we were, and are, down in the trenches together daily. And that’s been a game changer. Because of these groups… these ladies… these beacons of support…
I push through each day. Growing. Getting stronger. Going after what I want. Doing what I need to do to be the best possible version of ME.
I could have fallen victim to my circumstances, but I chose to rise above them. I am just a regular girl playing the hell out of the cards she was dealt – just like you, all I can do is show up and do my best.
But I will tell you one thing – you CANNOT do this alone. You NEED a tribe, a support network, a place to hold you accountable to the promises you made to yourself.
There IS strength in numbers.