Thursday Thoughts – I MATTER.

Sometimes, I tend to care TOO much.


It’s not uncommon for me to put the feelings of others ahead of my own.


I would often so much rather avoid any confrontations or difficult conversations that I sit and stew, til the lid tends to boil over, and then I APOLOGIZE. Apologize for FEELING.


I am quick to excuse people, to act like I don’t deserve basic human decency, or common courtesy.


But here is my secret weapon – all the personal development I have done over the years? FINALLY clicked.

I matter. My needs matter. My feelings matter.

And since how you treat yourself is how others treat you – there’s gonna be some changes up in here. I am an empathetic person, I am always willing to listen and help someone, but I will no longer be sacrificing my own feelings and my own well-being for that.

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Trust me, I have tried, and tried, and tried. You can’t.

Wednesday Wisdom – Not My Circus…

Look, sometimes you just have to keep reminding yourself of this. You only have so much to give. At some point you have to ask if your energies are better spent on other things (hint: yes!)

It’s part of life. Some things are just not your circus, not your monkeys!

It is never anything personal, it’s just a necessary part of life sometimes to have blinders on and stay focused on where YOU want to go!


Truthbomb Tuesday – Negativity

Can I get an eff yeah?!

I will own that I used to be the WORST offender of this – I cringe to thing of how negative I was. I’m still grateful to my mentors for calling me on it and TELLING, not suggesting, I work on this extensively. Best thing I could have done.

Which is why now, other peoples negativity really stands out more, I feel it and I feel the effects of it so much clearer. It was really draining me, which is why I have gotten better with distancing myself from negativity, allowing myself that space, without guilt.

Sometimes thats just what you need. It recharges you. It helps you remember what really matters, what to focus your energy on.

I have too many awesome things to do to let energy vampires steal it all!


Thursday Thoughts – You will begin to heal…

Like the song goes… LET IT GO.

I know, it’s terrible¬†when people wrong you, or let you down, or hurt you. And it’s the worst when you wrong YOURSELF.

You might think by holding onto it, you are preventing it from happening again, sort of a form of armor, protecting you. But that’s not what’s actually happening. What is happening, is you are preventing yourself from healing. From moving forward. From rising above.

You are focusing precious energy on something that’s already transpired, something you can’t change. Accept the lesson (and there is one, I promise!), and let it