What the Fuck Friday – Body Mass Index

Let’s talk numbers!

I have always maintained numbers do NOT tell the whole story. They are RIDICULOUSLY easy to get hung up on, and I have definitely fallen victim to this at some points (haven’t we all), but luckily, I am usually really good with realizing that a number is just that, a number.

But in this classic example of not letting a number send me off into a tail spin…

On Monday at my doctors appointment, they measured my height (still short!), and weight (still don’t give an eff about that number!) like always… and this BMI number must have been auto calculated based on height/weight, because that was all they did, nothing else to determine BMI.

And I COULD have… and in the past, probably WOULD have, let this number drive me off the deep end. Because I didn’t always have the healthiest body image – I often used to let people’s comments about needing to eat a sandwich upset me, etc.

But here’s the thing… this IS just a number; it doesn’t take into account any muscle I may have. It doesn’t take into account I had a heavy coat on when being weighed, and boots. It’s just some basic calculation of height and weight, because NO PART of me believes that I am just a mere .59 away from being categorized as OVERWEIGHT. Sorry, but nothing and no one would convince me as such!

Now I have a healthy body image, so I am able to see this as the bullshit it is… but for someone who may not have such a healthy body image, this number could have caused a lot of pain and triggered a chain reaction of unhealthy decisions.

Numbers are numbers, they don’t tell the whole story, so don’t get too hung up on them… its a slippery slope, and you are better than any number.

Thursday Thoughts – Growth is Radical

I went to an old former workplace the other day – I started my time there a little over 16 years ago when I was a 20 year old baby, and I haven’t worked there in over 11 years…

I ran into a few of my favorite coworkers, one whom hadn’t seen me in years, and she was just gobsmacked (and gushing, because she’s the sweetest little lady EVER) that I look exactly the same and when I said something sassy, she remarked that I am just the same as I ever was… and it alarmed me a little how quick I was to correct her and say “oh no, I have grown, I have evolved, I am no longer anyone’s doormat, and if the shit this place – customers, contractors and coworkers alike – put me through then were to happen now, there would be a lot more hurt feelings out there courtesy of ME.”

And she was just stunned. And so proud, she got tears in her eyes and she was just so blown away by how I found my voice, my confidence, my self esteem, and my sense of self worth. The two of them were A L W A Y S trying to instill my sense of self worth, they were ALWAYS trying to coax my confidence out of me.

And I don’t mean to sound rude or self righteous, but there were MANY, many years where I just did not stand up for myself; I tolerated mental and emotional abuse, and it was often my coworkers who stood up for me and got hell raisers on their way.

So it’s freakin’ empowering to see how I have grown!

I don’t love that there was a period in my life where I felt it was causing conflict to stand up for myself… but it just means I can look back now and realize how truly far I have come – it inspires me, and I won’t be going back to that shy, meek person who never was sure of her own worth.

Growth is freakin’ radical as eff, feel me?

Self Love Saturday – One Day At A Time

Much as we wish it would, no change happens over night, and the same goes for building your self-worth.

By taking each day one at a time, you feel more capable. It doesn’t seem as overwhelming when it’s broken down into smaller chunks, such as 7 days instead of one week.

And not all days will be up, just like not all days will be down. There will be ebbs and flows, good days and less good days. But each sunset closes out that day and each sunrise brings a new one forth.

Love yourself and take each day as it comes.

Friday Fit Tip – Be Hard on your Body, Be Easier on your Self Image

(By hard, I mean push your body, but don’t abuse it — just wanted to clarify!)

Today’s Fit Tip is inspired by many of the resolution’ers as they embark upon a new journey (welcome aboard!). The balance lies in working hard, but being gentle on your self image, and thus, your self esteem.

Our bodies are incredibly capable of handling more than we typically ask of them. On the other hand, most of us are super harsh on ourselves, and our self image could use a little TLC/pampering.

Recognize that you are doing your best (because you are, right!?) and BE GENTLE.

A mind that’s been beaten down isn’t going to do anything for your wellness.


Thursday Thoughts – Self Esteem

It’s called SELF-esteem for a reason. You can not look for outside forces to validate you. Sure its great if it happens, but then life is bound to show you that you better be okay with yourself because people can, will and do disappoint you.

Inline image 1

Be confident in yourself. You will never be perfect; if you are waiting to be perfect before having confidence and self esteem, you will be waiting a long time!