Sunday Runday – Fall Is Coming!

… and so that’s what she did! 🏃‍♀️

I slept in a bit so instead of my usual “run before the sun”, I was running WITH the sun, but since temps are finally not stifling, it wasn’t too bad!

3 miles in the books, less tan 50 to go before I reach the 175 mile goal!

Love this weather! Who else is catching some mileage today?

Sunday Runday!

Sunday Rundaaaaay!

Coldest weather I’ve ever gone running in – you would think the 26 degree weather would speed my pace up, but nope, still huggin’ 10 minute miles.

I AM still proud I got out there and did something – it took a LOT of self pep-talking! I much prefer the temps of spring/warm fall, but it makes me happy to know I CAN run in cooler temps.