Factbomb Friday – The world does not revolve around you…

(Not my post, but…)

I’m curious what my service industry friends (and anyone else) thinks of this…

How would YOU have responded?

Even though I’m not in the service industry per se, I’ve had clients message me, and when I didn’t answer swiftly enough for them, they’ve sent question mark messages or gotten upset, and I’ll be honest, those are the people I back off of. Sorry, but I am at no ones beck and call 24/7, and people need to understand that.

I’m a full time worker, a wife, a dog mama, soon to be a human mama, and I have responsibilities just like everyone else.

And also, I agree with this person – I am no good to anyone else unless I’m good to myself. I will offer you the absolute best I can, but EFF someone thinking I am out of line for taking care of myself and my wellness.

Seems like someone never learned what happens when you assume…

What say you?


WTF Friday – 5 Months and about to Pop?!

File THIS under: things absolutely not necessary to say to a pregnant woman…

I don’t often take umbrage with peoples words because I like to believe they have good intentions – I have misspoke before with good intentions, too…

But I didn’t feel this was necessary and I won’t lie, as someone who has struggled (AND been transparent and vocal about said struggles) with the changes her body has gone through, I definitely did not need to hear this today.

No pregnant woman wants to hear this, probably not at any time during pregnancy, but certainly not when they are barely halfway.

(No, he never responded to my last message…)

If you are gonna say shit like this, be man enough to face the wrath, am I right? But better yet, if YOU haven’t been pregnant and experienced the MILLIONS of changes your body goes through, maybe pipe down and keep quiet? 🙂

For the record, due to my age, and my Diabetes, I see my OB GYN twice a month, and we discuss my fitness habits each time, and each time she clears me and/or tells me specific things she does not want me doing, and I ALWAYS abide by that. Fitness is my stress relief, but it is NOT something I would use to put my child at risk, and my doctor is very attuned to my habits and we discuss this often, as anyone who is pregnant and active should!

Don’t Be Rude!

Get to the bar at Obrycki’s, order a coffee and a wrap, I say please.
It comes, I say thank you. She does a double take and I didn’t know why.
While eating, I decide to get a mimosa, so I order it, and I say please, followed by thank you when it promptly arrives.

Later when my plate was empty I put my already used boarding pass and asked if she could please throw it away for me, thank you.

She says something I don’t fully catch (airports are LOUD), so I ask her to repeat it. She said (she had looked at my boarding pass) “you’re one of the nicest New Englander’s I’ve met, everything you asked for was accompanied by ‘please’, and everything you received was followed by ‘thank you’ and a smile, and it’s really nice!”

Society, have we become so rude and entitled that saying please and thank you are the EXCEPTION, not the RULE? Because that’s unacceptable! It pained me to see such a sweet bartender so surprised by MANNERS.

If you are making a request, say PLEASE. When it’s met, say THANK YOU. It’s THAT simple!

Truthbomb Tuesday – Hashtagging Diabetes is RUDE.

Time for a TRUTHBOMB!

I have to say it. I see this happen on too regular a basis, and while I am sure the intention is just to be funny, there is nothing funny about doing this, or Diabetes. Sorry, but I am NOT sorry. Those who find this funny probably wouldn’t if they had to fight this battle every day.

I get it, when we aren’t affected by something, it seems like funny fodder –  but this kind of stuff stings. This kind of stuff gives credibility to the very NOT CREDIBLE notion that Diabetes is the result of too many sweets.

You wouldn’t appreciate someone being snarky about a medical condition you had, would you?