Motivation Monday – What If I Fall?

Happy Monday! I love this simple concept because with most things in life, there is risk attached somewhere. And most of us are hardwired to at least give a thought or two to such risks. The really enlightened, empowered people don’t give it much thought, instead thinking about the potential to soar, not fall on their faces.

Oh but still some others get stuck in a web of “what if I….”, and this is when it’s important to remember that we all fall. We all have missteps. We all screw up and have to start over. But those of us who really want to reach our goals and achieve our dreams… we DO. We DO screw up and have to start over, sometimes. We go for it, failing forward, because that’s the only way to go forward.

Life is full of risks. Nothing is gonna change that. You can shy away from risks and live your life in a comfortable, albeit boring, bubble. Or you can take the leap, elevating yourself to a higher existence, soaring.

What if you fly?

what if i fall, what if you fly

Wednesday Wisdom – Breast Cancer Risk

Did you know…

A study of 32,269 women revealed that about an hour of daily vigirous activity (including housework!) decreases your breast cancer risk by roughly 20 percent?

For me, this is all the more reason to continue on my fitness journey, by exercising consistently. 20% is a decent percentage, and I am of the mind that really, ANYTHING that helps decrease your risk for such an awful thing is beneficial. There is no help too small!

breast cancer risk