Saturday Sweat – It’s OKAY to PAUSE!

It doesn’t matter how many times you hit PAUSE and catch your BREATH. What matters is you don’t STOP and catch your EXCUSES.

My capabilities are certainly more limited during pregnancy due to the nature of, you know, how hard a body works to grow a healthy human… but I’m still capable, and so I still show up.

I break more, I do fewer reps, my weights are lighter, I take two rest days instead of 1 now and I go at my own pace, but all of that is STILL better than using any excuse in the book to skip.

My baby/body/pregnancy are WHY I’m moving, not a free pass to skip every day. I’m no better than anyone, I just KNOW I’m worth the effort, limited or otherwise.

And pssst… you are too.

Saturday Strong – Nevertheless She Persisted

Everyone has hardships.
Everyone has obstacles.
Everyone has bad days.

That’s part of life… those not-so-good things {{hopefully}} make you appreciate the good things even more.

Those things only define you if you •let• them.

I’m no different. I’ve faced hard stuff. I’ve scaled obstacles. And I sure as shit have had bad days.

I do not let them define me.

No way am I letting a little not-so-good override lots of good.

‘Nevertheless, she persisted.’

Is that you? 💕

Thankful Thursday – Friends

Thisssss girl 😍

I have been superduperclose with her for a couple of years now, and I have had the pleasure of seeing her grow/level up, especially recently, and realize her true worth, realize that she doesn’t need to be a catch all for all the issues in the world, realize that as we age a bit, our priorities and our mindsets shift a bit, and so much more…

I coud not be prouder of seeing her rise up! ❤️

Throwing it back to our epic road trip to Indy – I can’t wait for the next time we can photo opp all our crazy shenanigans! 😘

Sunday Struggles – Don’t Take Things Personally

Our STRUGGLES are part of our STORY.

I still struggle not to feel isolated. I still struggle to feel like I am part of things; to not feel lonely even when surrounded by people.

I think this is part and parcel with someone who lost her hearing at a crucial time in life. And I can’t speak for other hard of hearing people, but I would bet money that I’m not the only one who feels this way on occasion.

So when things like someone in our party saying goodbye to everyone but me threaten to set me back… I have to remind myself people are human and commit oversights; that the persons intent likely wasn’t to make me feel isolated or less than. Shit happens.

Most people don’t set out to make others feel that way, and I know this! My mental battle isn’t always confident in that, but I continue to work on that. I continue to remember that I matter and I’m not invisible, no matter how it seems/feels at times.

Your mind is your biggest obstacle to overcome. Trust me on that.


Motivation Monday – Amazing


I’m simply saying, who the hell is inspired by perfection? You? Because I am not.

I am inspired by real, raw hustle. I am inspired by those who have all the excuses in the world, yet knock em off one by one. I am inspired by those who show up, by those who know their worth, by those who embrace feelin’ good and just wanna help others feel good, too.

I am inspired by all of the people who chose to rise up and shine.

It’s so much better to show up and be imperfect yet amazing, than to sit on the sidelines waiting for perfection.

Fuck Yeah Friday – More Rewards!

I posted a week ago about my reward to myself for successfully completing Phase 1 of 80 Day Obsession… and then these showed up on sale on Amazon, so I mean, I basically had to!

But really, rather than buy 17 more sets of weights, I liked the idea of being able to go heavier on some moves without adding a gazillion more pieces of equipment, so these seemed like a great investment, and several of my teammates spoke very highly of them, so I am excited to give them a whirl!

I am proud of myself for desiring tangible rewards I can enjoy time and time again as opposed to something I would enjoy for a minute or two… and let’s be honest here, these babies make me feel like WAY MORE of a BADASS than a cupcake would!

You and me, Bowflex… we gonna do BIG THINGS! 😍