Self Care Saturday – Listen To Your Body!

When your coffee cup matches your shirt… šŸ‘ŒšŸ¼

I usually run on the weekends but Iā€™m taking today as an actual rest day – my body has been sending me signs that it needs a break, so even though I still have some mileage to acquire for the challenge, today I will listen and rest! I WILL acquire it, so I am not worried! šŸ˜Š

Coffee, errands, house stuff and then we celebrate Courtney and Evan’s new house! šŸŽ‰


Friday Fit Tip – Rest and Recovery

Raise your hand if you struggle NOT to do something super active on your rest day(s)? GUILTY.

But… you gotta! You can definitely still move, but you gotta give your body that healing time! I like Yoga, but Tai Cheng or Qi Gong are awesome alternatives too.

You gotta let your body heal, and take rest and recovery as seriously as you take training, because how else are you supposed to become a badass?! šŸ™‚

Sweat It Out Saturday – Once Per Day

Happy Saturday, everyone! šŸ™‚

It’s my husband and my mother’s birthday, we have graduation parties and birthday celebrations galore today, which is why I am happy I got my workout done early this morning!

I find it especially important to get your workout done when you know you will be around tempting tables full of party food and treats. A fresh workout in the morning helps remind you of how hard you are working, which can keep you from totally derailing when you are faced with that table of treats later.

As I have said, I do believe in enjoying stuff, but in a controlled manner, and this is sometimes where the battle begins… at least for some!

sweat once per day

Sweat it out! Once per day (take a rest day or two, of course, but your rest days need to be the exception, not the rule!)

Go forth and sweat! šŸ™‚



Friday Fit Tips – Building Muscle

Yahoo, another Friday! šŸ™‚

Today’s fit tips are more simple ones, but there are some people who don’t understand these concepts, so I thought a refresher was a good idea.

friday fit tip - building muscles

You have to eat to accommodate the muscles you are trying to make. This means upping your caloric and complete protein intake. You cannot build muscles without the proper fuel!

And also, FORM is extremely, extremely important! It is better to only be able to do 1 or 2 reps with proper form, than countless reps with poor form. Poor form will lead to injuries, and a host of other troubles. Focus on your form first, once you get that proper, you can work on building up your reps. A good tip is to video your workouts so you can see your form and adjust accordingly.

And finally…. you gotta REST. I know, believe me, I know how addicting it is, and you wanna keep chasing that feeling… but you have to rest too. Resting is when all your hard work pays off and those muscles grow. They can’t grow without rest!

Pretty basic, but all of these will help you achieve your mass building goals!

Wednesday Wisdom – Rest and Recovery Days

rest and recovery days

I know of several people who don’t believe in rest and recovery days, and these people frequently get frustrated with their bodies for “failing” them. Truth is, their bodies rebel because they need a break, plain and simple. We are not meant to workout 365 days a year, and while some people might swear up and down that this is the way to achieve your goals, those people are wrong. Very wrong, and you can tell them I said so.

Rest and recovery days serve a LOT of different purposes, this is just a small taste of why they are important. Never skip rest days. For those who are in an excelerated fitness regimen, you can take 1 or 2 days of rest. I like a 4/3 or 5/2 ratio myself, depending on how busy the week is and how my body feels.

Your body can only take so much before it needs a break, and when you skip rest and recovery days, you put yourself at a much greater risk of injury, which is never fun. Always be sensible about your workout – going and going and going until you can’t go anymore does nothing but burn you out, and in fact, skipping recovery days actually inhibits your progress. Resting allows your muscles to grow.

Life is about balance, plain and simple. Exercise is a lifelong pursuit, and it should make you happy. Find the balance that works for you ā€” your body and your life.