Tip Tuesday – Coconut Water

Plain water doesn’t contain the electrolytes needed to replenish after a long, intense workout… coconut water does, though!

Great way to rehydrate, very tasty!

Beachbody also has a performance line that includes Hydrate, a clean, National Science Foundation (NSF)-certified formula that helps give you an optimal balance of low dose carbohydrates (from natural sugars), electrolytes, and water to quickly replenish what’s lost, helping you work out longer and feel better. You can try it here!

Friday Fit Tip – Timing Your Workout

Some people have the flexibility to choose the exact hour they workout. These people are blessed and I hope they know it! Some of us have jobs to get to and cannot just choose our ideal hour, etc. Or we have other responsibilities that dictate when we workout.

I personally prefer to workout in the mornings, but in my current living situation I live above an elderly lady, and though I try to keep it as quiet as I can, I am not a quiet exerciser, so waking her at 6 am is not ideal. I usually workout after I get home from work, due to this. On the weekends, I have a little more flexibility, which is where this post comes in to play.

Especially in the summer months, be very careful about what time you workout. In the summer months, temperatures go up much earlier in the day. So, doing your workout later puts you at risk to overheat and cause damage to your body.  The hottest hours are typically 10am to 4pm, so working out before this period, or after this period is much more ideal.

Remember, the hotter it is, the more you sweat, so the more important it is to stay hydrated!