Friday Fun – A Weekend on the Cape

Happy Friday! I have 8 hours of work to get through, and then I am headed to the Cape for the weekend for my buddy’s wedding! I am so excited…. while I have been to TN this summer, it was a business trip and not one second was dedicated to relaxation or rejuvenation (in fact, that weekend sapped a LOT out of me, due to the amount of stuff we had to do, and the record breaking heat wave). I am also spending 3 days in NY later in August, but that’s for 3 Phish shows, which will be fun and amazing, but will also sap a lot of energy out of me (I dance and jam out a lot – I have problems keeping still!), and won’t really be of the relaxing sort.

So for this reason, the Cape sounds amazing! Friday night we will just check in to our hotel, and grab a nice dinner. Saturday before the wedding I am hoping to spend some quality time relaxing on the beach, and Sunday we kept open so that we can explore and take our time heading home – we have been so consumed with work obligations and wedding planning and running our businesses that we haven’t really had a chance to just enjoy summer, enjoy our last weeks as engaged, but not married, people. I think we need this low key time where we aren’t obligated to be anywhere, so we can do whatever we want – sometimes just a few free hours goes a LONG way! Plus, I am super excited to see my buddy tie the knot!

What are you all up to this weekend? Anything fun?

Here is to a great weekend!

Simple Saturday – Love Them!

This girl right here is a huge, huge fan of Saturday mornings. As someone who commutes to work, and deals with traffic (especially bad in the summer, as I work in a very summer tourist-laden area), I appreciate the slightly slower pace of Saturday mornings. My fiancé and I usually lounge in bed a little longer, and meander out to get our coffees and just enjoy some quality time, instead of the usual hustle and bustle of the workweek. Sometimes I get myself outta bed early, get my workout in, and then go back to snuggle a bit.

Saturday Morning

Then who knows what Saturday brings… usually the errands I didn’t get to over the week, and the free time fills up fast, but there is something so awesome about a Saturday morning, knowing you have two quality days ahead of you with which to get stuff done, take time for yourself, run errands, visit with friends and family; all sorts of fun stuff. It’s a peaceful easy feeling waking up on Saturday, and I love it!