Wednesday Wisdom – Reflection

Ahhh, reflection…

My 35th year had some tough moments. But it also contained moments that served as reminders that I am strong, I am capable, and I am worthy.

It showed me I can rise above, with grace, and find safe, healthy, beneficial habits to incorporate into my lifestyle.

•It showed me it’s okay to CRY, it’s okay to FEEL, it’s okay to ask for HELP, and it’s okay to HEAL•

It showed me that I’m okay, and it inspired me to continue to grow into an even better me, and what better of a fresh slate than another trip around the sun? 💕

(post run GLOW)

Sunday Reflection!

The morning after St Patrick’s Day? A good day to reflect, yeah?

Years prior, I would drink all night and then naturally, feel awful the next day – haven’t we all been there?!

Last night was different – I am in the middle of a program that calls for no alcohol (and no corned beef!) but I made the conscious decision to enjoy a few and keep it at that. And that’s what I did. We hit up 3 bars and I had 3 beers, I declined countless (free!) shots, and all the other stuff, and I feel good about it.

And I woke up feeling fine, no headache, no regrets, no wondering what the heck I did last night or how much money I spent… it’s nice.

For me, it shows that if you really want to, you can strike the balance, but you have to be willing to hold yourself to the promises/limits you set before you started drinking – you can’t really expect anyone else to keep you in line, it has to be YOU.

But, it’s doable. Balance is achievable!

Oh and I AM gonna have that corned beef later on

Mindset Monday

Having been working extensively on my negative mindset for almost a year now, it’s interesting to reflect.

On the one hand, I have come pretty far, and it has paid off greatly in so many different areas of life – I am now a firm believer that mindset really is the biggest piece of any puzzle. I see how much easier life is with a positive outlook and a firm belief in my ability to get through whatever life throws at me.

On the other hand, becoming so aware of mindset heightens my awareness of how negative other people (and this world in general) can sometimes be, and it can be quite a battle not to fall down that rabbit hole.

I am still a work in progress, which is why this is such a battle – as hard as I work, it is sometimes so easy to fall back into old habits!

It is worth the battle though, because truly, shifting my way to a more positive mindset is one of the greatest projects I have ever taken on!

Try It Tuesday – Mirror

I see this a lot on my social media, and in my groups. People who are unhappy with their looks, their body… they look in the mirror and start picking out the flaws… that is no way to live.

I don’t think I am anything to write home about, but this is my body, this is my face, and so this is what I am working with!

Todays challenge…

Make peace with the mirror, and watch the reflection change.