Truthbomb Tuesday – My Reaction Is My Path

•The way you treat me is your path. The way I react is mine•

This has been one of the hardest, but also most worthwhile lessons to learn.

Realizing that people can (and sometimes do) whatever they want, feelings and consequences be damned, is a tough pill to swallow…

But there is power in remembering that while we can’t control the ACTIONS of others, we can control our REACTIONS.

Feel Good Friday – Breathe Deeply

Stressed? Anxious? Feeling chaotic or pulled in too many directions? Just breathe. Deeply!
When you take the time to breathe deeply before reacting, responding, or overreacting, you allow your initial reaction to burn off somewhat, and you allow your breathing to slow a little bit – rapid breathing tends to make your body think it is in “fight or flight” mode, so your reaction tends to match as such if you don’t cool off a little bit.

Wednesday Wisdom – To Keep The Body In Good Health…

Let’s face it – life is riddled with ups and downs. No way around it, so it comes down to how you react; how you perceive the things that happen. Because our reaction and our perception really does have a profound effect on our bodies and our health.

I learned this fairly shortly after my Diabetes diagnosis. Prior to this, I was pretty ignorant about just how much stress and reactions played a role. It was eye opening, especially for someone who operated with no gray area – I was either super happy, or super upset; no in between. Every molehill became a mountain, seriously.

I was stressed and reacting poorly, and as a result, I had several hypoglycemic episodes (and those in and of themselves are TERRIFYING). I started to make the connection between stress levels and my body’s reaction. And I vowed to work harder at reacting more appropriately.

to keep the body in good health

And it’s not easy, at all. It’s another daily battle. I am an empath, so I feel everything, whether it involves me or not. But you have to draw the line somewhere. You have to say “this is not my battle to fight”, and to work on controlling your reaction.

I apply the “will it still upset me in 2 weeks” practice. If the answer is no, I save my emotions and my reactions and just let it go (or try reaaaaaaaaaaally hard). If it will still upset me in two weeks, I allow myself to feel it. But I still tell myself that whatever it is, it is NOT the end of the world. Might seem like it, but it isn’t. So I breath, let myself feel it, and then commit my energy to handling whatever it is.

When I keep my mind healthy, my body is stronger, and when I keep my body healthy, my mind is stronger. Can’t have one without the other!

Truthbomb Tuesday – Personal Growth

I mean….

I think back to some situations that have occurred lately, and how I have handled them. And then I take a second to think about how I would have handled the same situations a year ago.
The reactions are MEASURABLY different. Not me tooting my own horn, just the truth.
My coping mechanism now, versus a year ago, are TOTALLY different.
True, things still hurt (because I am after all, still a human), but man, I have grown, and it is evident. And it’s a beautiful thing!
personal growth - a beautiful thing
Personal growth is a helluva drug! 🙂