Sunday Well Spent – Prep!

A couple of weeks ago I was chatting with someone who messaged me about my food prep post, saying “I wish I had time to meal prep!” and so since I was curious, I asked how she spends her time, because not to be a jerk, but this person is very active on social media – mine and her own, which eats up a lot of our free time, but people don’t seem to realize that…

So she said she works (I do, too), and she has to clean her house (I do, too), run errands (yep) and stuff like that, which are totally valid…

But it’s worth noting that my food prep takes me an hour. Yes, I realize I’m lucky not to have to prep for dinner and such, but to act like you don’t have an hour to set yourself up for success is just not realistic – you DO have an hour, you are just dedicating it to something you find more important.

Sorry, but I’m not sugarcoating stuff anymore – you MAKE TIME for what’s important, so if keeping up to date with Sally’s dating life is more important than prepping your food, BE HONEST with yourself about that.

Because, we all GET the same 24 hours in a day, we just don’t all UTILIZE them the same way.

STOP making excuses and START making effort, and you’ll find you DO have time.

(I say all of this with love, of course)

And what do you know – today the same person sent me a text with a pic of food and said she was getting ready to prep it all! I’m a proud mama bear right now 💕

My prep is done – how about you?

Wellness Wednesday – Prepare Your Food

Still feeling a little under the weather (but much better) and this morning I just wanted fruit salad.

Did I want to take the time to wash and cut my fruits? Nope.

But because I had already done that Sunday during normal food prep, I didn’t need to – it was all ready for me! 😊

Sunday Well Spent – Food Prep

Food prep used to totally overwhelm me until I figured out it didn’t have to be the whole kit-n-caboodle… it does NOT have to be ALL your meals for EVERY day of the week, but rather, a few key components to help you have nutritious, nourishing foods ready to go.

And these key components are different for everyone! Today, I don’t have time to bake, but I’m gonna get my eggs boiled, my fruits and veggies washed and cut, and my quinoa salad ready to go!

It’s worth carving out a little time for your health and wellness 💕


Meal Prep Monday!

I have known for a while how important meal prep is, but it is extra apparent how necessary it is while I am on the Reset – there is no way you can wing this kind of program and not run yourself ragged (effectively defeating the purpose of the Reset anyways!)

I have found doing it in batches works best, as I don’t like to eat food that was prepared a week prior. I do a big Sunday prep, and then a Wednesday night prep, and I do weekend meals as I go (unless I have plans) because weekends are a little easier to be able to cook fresh!

There is something very satisfying about knowing your food is all set, you have healthy stuff to reach for, and you don’t have to run around trying to figure it all out the day of.

One of the things I prepped this weekend was this delicious roasted root medley – carrots, sweet potatoes, onions, and beets. Seasoned to perfection and so tasty!

Do you prep your food?

Meal Planning Monday

An effective meal planning tip is to prep what you can as soon as you get home from the store! Wash and dry your lettuce, chop onions, roast vegetables. Chop veggies and fruits for easy access. Stack up glass containers of prepped ingredients in the refrigerator and then bask in the awesomeness of having nutritious stuff ready to grab! You are awesome! 🙂

It’s best to get it all done while your motivation is there (and before the ingredients get pushed back from your sight!), and having it done really will help you feel good!


Wednesday Wisdom – Six P’s

I kinda love simplicity. I know in my life, I tend to over-complicate things (and/or over-think things, but thats another post for another day!). Sometimes I find myself craving getting back to the simple. And I find this concept very simple (and easy to remember!)

Six P's

I talk a lot about planning in my Accountability Groups. As you might have noticed, I am of the belief that if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. And even with a plan, sometimes life gets in the way, but at least with a plan, the consequences are less.

Planning is simple (it might seem complicated but thats all in your head, I promise!) – schedule your workouts. Do  your grocery shopping. chop your veggies, portion out what you can, make it easy to grab in a hurry. Cook some stuff so it’s just a matter of reheating it on those busy days. Lay your workout clothes out overnight so they are easy to grab when it comes time to workout. It’s not as hard it as may seem, and taking that time to prepare really helps save you time on every other day.

Give it a try, I promise it will make a difference! Proper prior planning prevents poor performance.

Are you a planner?